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Hello, this is not an issue with my Xbox settings, it’s happening to many people on BB2 on the Xbox, and I have no issues on other games. Please help.

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Hey, i’ve been getting this error message pop up, and I’ve been seeing reports of lots of other coaches having the same problem over the last week. It seems to only happen in the menus and not really affect anything in-game.


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@stomperofelves Hi! Did you qualify for the CCL cup 15, or are you just asking for information? If so, what’s your Xbox GT?

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Oh hello m8, yes, I Xbox messaged you probably shortly after you posted the original question. I think usually people just Xbox message each other to arrange the games. We do have an active Facebook group though which probably 70% of the players are on — if you search Blood Bowl 2 CCL (if you use Facebook) then you can join us there too.

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Hi, thanks for your patience while the relevant people discussed this matter. Please take this as a response to all of your posts.

I’m afraid that I have to take issue with the facts of this case as you present them.

To start with, your statement that ‘you made a new account specifically to play blood bowl’, and, ‘I made this secondary account to avoid my friends from inviting me 24/7 ’, does not make sense, since it is far easier to set yourself to appear offline than it is to create a whole alternate account.

That aside, you imply here and explicitly state in one of your PMs to me that your ‘main’ account is WRECKitROLAND, and your ‘BB account’ is ScantGorgon2375, and that you have never played BB2 on Xbox One under any other accounts. This is not true. I know this because I have voice recordings of you on the ScantGorgon2375 account as well as at least three other accounts used over various seasons since season 11. These are only the accounts we have voice recordings for, I strongly suspect that you had, or were actively coordinating with, many more.

Some of these accounts have been used to attempt to gain an advantage in the competition unfairly, again across multiple seasons, and there are patterns of account activity we have noticed which defy any realistic probability of innocence on your part.

In addition, we have no reason to think that you are approaching this conversation in good faith since you have consistently lied about your identity in the several interactions we have had over the last few months.

Finally, since this ban was issued you sent further abusive voice messages to at least one innocent player in our league. Thus you, the individual, are now permanently banned from playing in CCL, and we will instantly ban any account we suspect to be associated with you.

You are welcome to continue playing Blood Bowl 2 in the campaign, eternal leagues, in private multiplayer leagues, or in the official Cabalvision Open Ladder.

In regard to refunding the game, you would need to approach the retailer from which you originally purchased the game.

Thank you.

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