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none of the mixed race teams can get a star player, and i for one think that is a good thing, it still lets the pure teams get things the mixed cant.

playing a mixed team often has you play with less RR's and also more TV bloat, this helps balance it some vs a pure team 🙂

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@SHunterUSA yes that would be great
we have best of 3 and best of 5 for a final, but we need a "season play x number times" and the x = 1, 2,3,4,5 hell make it go to 10 but at least to 4 😉

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@dode74 said in why are all COL leagues 2 min now?:

If we go ahead with CCL now (it is being discussed) then it will be 12th.

thank you for the heads up, I will be back on the 12th it seems 🙂

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@Bernie-Buffon IMO the only way to go is 2 RR nuffle altar 2 trees and 10 or 11 flings
you then always pick chef and you often get 2 star players every game i played in the open with this and had 4 wins out of 5 games in 2 games the other coaches even conceded i was smashing em so well

to those 2 coaches hahaha to concede to flings LOL

vs undead types get Zara and have her stab the av 7 guys like ghouls and skeletons 🙂

oh and on tress omg NO NO NO on a double you take jump up first time every time, you do not use jump up when down to do a block, but JU stops you needing to roll to stand up, that lets you blitz from a prone position (+1 move is also the next best option)

and never take block, with a fling assist you get 3 dice block at any rate and if you take root you last action of turn use both down in your block to reset the root (and may hurt other guy at same time) with AV 10 little chance you get hurt.
if you have block you cant do this (unless they set block to ask) and the tree will be useless for the rest of half

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@dode74 said in why are all COL leagues 2 min now?:

Champ ladder is yet to restart. Will be in a few days.

well its been 3 day, that a few in my book 😉
oh and please make sure they are 3 min PLEASE

also any word on if one or both of the other leagues will be changed to 3 min?
I feel one of them at least should be so that when a champ ladder ends our teams have a place to go

I am not the only one it seems wanting 3 min turns

not most teams i can easily get done in 2 min or less but some do need more than 2 min

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oh ok great thank you

oh one last silly question dont use goblinspy i take it that the cyanide leaderbord don't keep teams that have been deleted and gobspy do? and if i dont use gobspy do my stats cont on it?

somehow i am left feeling sad now and it's helped make me lose interest in BB knowing so many do this crap of concede, delete concede delete, now i remember why i have only played in a private league from 2011 😞 oh well there is always war thunder 😢 lol .... WTF I need a can of harden the fuck up 😝
i have been sheltered from this nightmare

still think the 51 spp rule should be added 😉

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@dode74 but those numbers could be same DS (Dummy spitters) concede first game and then delete the team, in theory it may be just one player doing it every few min to over inflate the numbers
like 99 players lets say keep their team building and 1 DS why deletes 101 times in same period. that would show that 50% the teams made play only one game but in reality 99% of the players looking for games with their team that they built are in said league if you get what i am trying to say. yeah I know, i am no math guy and am sure some 1 out there can point it better... what are the factors that are used to come to the median team lifespan? if its just total teams made / by games played i dont think would be very accurate to assess the average

take the open ladder IX it hast on the leader board 2740 team yet only 1094 have played 2 games that is not 50% and btw some of those teams TV were 1400 - 1600, they are developed (now i didn't look at the players on the teams to see if any at 51 spp and i didnt take into account any low TV teams that may be mini maxing and have only 4 players level 7 on the roster. I think that is roughly 39% have played 2 or less games yeat all of it = 0 because as i said of those 1094 two game teams some had a TV that was way above what you could get from 2 games, and also i am sure some of those are still planning to play more games so in the open ladder IX that 39% would be even lower

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@dode74 said in Concession Rule Discussion:

First problem: the vast, vast majority of games in MM don't have any players with 51SPP or more.

Second problem: how do you know it was dummy-spitting rather than a legitimate problem? You can be as sceptical as you like about the timing, but you have to admit it is entirely possible that they lost power (or whatever) at that point. Is it fair to give people permanent punishments for what may be legitimate issues?

First I dont know if you have stats that show the vast majority of games in MM don't have any players with 51SPP or more, I am sure you do as you always seen to have a well of information and cool stats i normally cant find till you link, however I can onlt say when i use my 1500+ TV teams i never seem to have a problem getting a game and the teams i face all have 2 or more 51+ spp players (note I dont trim or min max my teams and so often am up the higher TV range)

second you're right it could have been power or anything, my network resets sometimes and though i normally get back in before 5 min is up, I have been known to lose a game or 2 because it didnt load fast enough (thinks back to a game I was 3-1 up 1 turn to go had it in the bag and bam, i was so pissed off)
however I would have been fine with the loss of 1 or both of my players that at that time were over 51 spp, if its in the rules that fine by me, I may be sad and in morning for those brave guys, bless their digital hearts, but would only last a few minutes as I realize stuff them for leaving my team they had no loyalty 😉

so in answer to that question, yes, yes it is fair to give people permanent punishments for what may be legitimate issues

those that have them are few compared to the many that dummy-spitters out there. Too many times it happens that the player has a problem right after rolling double skulls and had no prior problem before hand in the game
players with legitimate issues often you see them time out, come back and so on throughout the game

we don't need to pamper bad behavior because some one 1 time may, or may not have a legitimate issue at some point. we do it too much as it is IRL
Be accountable for your actions is my moto. The concession rule is in the rules, so use them. And really if some one gets so upset at losing a digital heart because of legitimate issues, then I think the loss of that thing on the screen is the least of their problems and they should seek medical advise, therapy and not play a GAME on a PC or xbox 😉

Edit: also side note i have a fling team in col atm with 4 wins and 1 loss, 2 of those wins came from concedes just before i could score, i have missed out on lost of SPP because of it (you just have to watch the game to know why I say this) now I know those players would not have suffered from the rule as all low teams, but that behavior can be habit forming, personly i dont want them even playing the game, but if and when they get to the upper TV it would be nice to know that it may have them think twice before they quit... hell they may find that by not quitting (because of the rule) that being forced to play, they turn that game round and win it as i have many times. It is only then that the habit may be broken and then that is one less dummy spitter and now a real coach and player.

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people that blame dice or call it luck are just noobs that are so stupid they need games that they only need to keep pushing 1 button over and over again with flashing lights on the screen and a i showed up so where is my win and participation trophy attitude.
In life you really only build character after something has gone wrong by how you deal with it,. nothing wrong in falling over, and even getting up is no big deal (we all do it) but it is HOW you get up that counts... these same people that complain bout dice usually quit / concede once they fail an action, they never stick around for the opportunity to take advantage of a situation when the other guy falls/ fails. And that is why they never learn, they are victims.
if it was all luck and down to dice why do the same players win and get to finals all the time... it takes a lot of skill and planing, its football chess and you have the added difficulty of having to also plan for when things go wrong.
It's all about positioning and risk management IMO

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@Mori-Mori yes I totally agree with you 100%, I want the FULL BB game first... but after that I would like to see DB

not sure but DB TT i think came out same or next year that first BB was made (the spiked ball we see in the game is really a DB thing)

i am not sure i would like the cards added to BB as it never started with it and i never really used em when they did

I have faith in cyanide again and yes i think we can have both... but maybe just not for a few years