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I meet the same thing, load the campaign save game and then constantly push back to main menu after a flash show my in game campaign save and boom back to main menu, WTH

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Like the title itself. Now in my imperium campaign (save from before update beta 2) i can't choose a specific system/fleet, because it keep jump to other system. i can only choose planet to upgrade stuff, control fleet through fleet menu... please help fix this small but annoyed bug !

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It said it give 25 armor shield to all ships but escort isn't have the icon of skill in info tab. please help check !

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The runic targeting node of aeldari though say it double crit chance of standard weapon and i click info tab of them but they still remain not double at all. runic stance of main aeldari text should not indicate starcannon, they are belong cossair, should be change to lascannon instead.

The drukhari recent lock-on change to tracking sense but there is their cannon weapon which sync with lock-on stance before that said double it damage, but now no lock-on stance for them anymore so does it sync with tracking sense ?


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