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I'm actually ok with the wolves. The step noise is a known bug, in previous versions of the beta their step sounds were working just fine and you could hear them coming. Also, wolves are natural hunters, if you think about real wolves they know how to hide their presence and not make sounds when hunting their pray. But again, it's a bug, they do make noise or are intended to make noises.

As for movement, aggressiveness, damage, behavior, AI I think they are working just fine, could even be buffed.

If they are too easy it'd be pointless and the wolves are one of the key features of the game (even in the name), with that said I'd expect players to die for the wolves constantly.

I'm used to playing games that you need high surround awareness (like Escape From Tarkov) so for me I could say they are very easy to avoid and kill. If I'd give any feedback I'd actually ask for them to be buffed like I said earlier lol.

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It's been really hard to find a match on the NA server. Please consider sending more keys for North/Central/South America region.

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Snipers should need 1 (no armor, headshots) to 3 (full armor, leg shots) to kill someone.
They way it is right now they are just not viable weapons.

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After trying to pick food from a guy I killed with a melee weapon.

Coudn't drop the axe or oxygen tank either.

Also, trying to suicide or returning to lobby not work.

But it wasn't a connection problem since one guy started shooting at me.

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The player count even got 73/70 and the match din't start.
Normally the player count keeps changing randomly.