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We are now two months after the Big Ben buy-out and no news on Werewolf. I've tried to get the attention of a number of Focus Home people (in the Discord, Twitch and Facebook). If there are any mods or otherwise monitoring this forum, is it possible to get an update? Even if it's "decisions are still being made", so far it just feels like we're back in never-ending development Malfeas.

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Brilliant, thanks for compiling all of these together.

Much more positive Garou this time. Fingers crossed that bodes well for the rest of the game's evolution.

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Also agreed, where's the muscle on that werewolf? So many good examples in the core rulebooks to choose from.

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Oh yeah. I wanna pack-fight a Nexus Crawler. A Big one.

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Feel free to chime in, but here's a collection of things I'd love to see:

  • World-wide locations. We've got Moon-bridges and we're not afraid to use them. Meet representatives from the Wyrm all over the globe and eviscerate them. Or whatever their anatomical-equivalent is.
  • Umbral exploration. Not just interesting reflected reality Penumbra-style but going into the weird-as-all-heck realms. If you want PVP it's not like the Battlerealm is just made for it.
  • More than stereotypes. Not just hipster Glasswalkers and man-hater Blackfuries. We're not tropes-in-furcoats.
  • Visceral combat. Bites, Claws, Tentacles, Talons, Barbs, Acid, Fire, Vines, Klaives, Fangdaggers. Yes, I bring a knife to a gun fight because I know Jam Tech.
  • Frenzies. They're not your friend, but it's going to be tricky to get them in a game and not have them feel like a cheesy "I lost because I rolled a 1 right then". But frenzies are the cost of the gift of Rage, it'd be cheesier without it.
  • Spirituality. I super-enjoy the animism of Werewolf's mythos and I want to interact with that. And not just by biting it.
  • Crafting. I have a feeling that fetish/ talen quests will be interesting if they combine the fetch-quest of items with the hunt/ fight/ bargain aspect of convincing a spirit to inhabit it.
  • A bloody good story. In fact several of them, woven together. Storytellers I've had are masters of weaving threads into an adventure; we need nothing less here.

So, top of my head thoughts. Anyone else?

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@ParanoidTrout Land of Hope and Glory (and Honour and Wisdom).

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Very long time Werewolf fan here too (Glasswalkers are my fav). I even bought a brand new computer when Heart of Gaia's release date was announced.

Wasn't my brightest move.

However, very much looking forward to finally getting a CRPG of it. Interesting system mechanics so far with how Rage works in the reviews. Excited!

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