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What are some peoples options they keep off for best fps? Sadly I get 100-60fps without running twitch, but a solid 17-40 with streaming. Any ideas?

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Just as the title asks, what time and timezone can we play or install the latest beta and play Sandstorm tomorrow?

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Will we be seeing any FOV options sometime soon? Also, when can we expect the Invert Mouse Toggle to appear in the options? Love the game so far just a tad hard to play non-Inverted. Keep up the excellent work.

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If anyone has played the STALKER series they will know the zombies are mindless, useless, annoyances, of the game. That being said they had weapons and loot on them and would attack with whatever item they had on hand. I suggest that they spawn in randomly like the wolves, to give another element to the world to be cautious of, but the addition to have them be lootable. I love the game so far and it's only going to get better.

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Will we be seeing a Feild of view (FOV) slider in the near future or a way to input it ourselves in-game options menu?
Also an invert mouse option? I loved the game, it needs these options. The beta will be a beta and fixes will come. I am able to wait, I am excited about the future of this game.