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@iyagovos said in hi i'm korean warhammer 40K broadcaster A.K.A Robinology this game have observer mod or replay mod?:

Hi there,

We don't have plans for an observer mode in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 at the moment.

To interview the devs, could you please send an email to us at

UE4 should support game recording natively. If possible down the road, maybe look into it as it would be the perfect thing to store replays for commentary without hassle.

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If possible and if resources are available, would be nice if there's some faction specific background music that plays and fades in/out based on the current situation of the match.

So for example there's generic battle music during the match, but if one side/player begins "winning" decisively their faction's theme music begins playing (globally). Would add a lot of flavor to the current factions with minimal work.

Also would be nice if the state of a ship is reflected when you select it with small auditory cues.

So for example, when you select a ship and it plays the audio bark, you could have things like sirens blaring in the background if the ship is damaged, shooting/fighting audio if the ship has recently taken a boarding action, muffled loud explosions if the ship takes damage as you select it or it fires as you select it.