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Should probably update with the status of the supports now.

The 2 most seriously in need of improvement are still the helicopters and the drone.

The drone at least makes it to somewhere near the target, but it still keeps getting shot and is thus, even now, nigh on useless.

The helicopters continue to keep getting shot down even now and are thus not really worth relying on. You call in 2 and maybe the second one makes it if you're lucky; they're too much of a gamble and not much of a support due to this unreliability.

At this stage, maybe the best solution would be to simply make the AI stop targeting these supports altogether, since leaving them as they are just consigns them to mediocrity.

Gas still needs some love. I think that it needs to spread a lot more and remain in the area for a much greater amount of time to be genuinely valuable.

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Just to clarify, IIRC the system is a mix of hitscan and normal ballistics. The shot acts as hitscan for 0.1 seconds before switching to normal ballistics.

So for example, a bullet with a velocity of 950 will act as a hitscan for a distance of 95 meters, while one with a velocity of 800 will be hitscan for upto 80 meters.

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@Wolfram actually it matters quite a bit, since every weapon in the game so far has been seen in middle eastern conflicts in one way or the other.

Most of the weapons you mentioned are either too exotic or too impractical for actual use in combat. They're either overpriced, prototypes or just not seen in the conflict.

As for the ARs that have been added. The VHS 02 is actually used by the Iraqi army, while the QBZ 03 is a Norinco export and thus relatively easily accessible to insurgent groups. Both if these are actually far more likely to be seen in such conflicts than the weapons you mentioned, which, while they have more popularity, are for the most part rare and somewhat impractical.

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Upon further reading, the reduced recoil seems to be accurate. The VHS has apparently been praised (won awards) for it's innovative firing mechanism featuring a sort of gas cushion, which results in dramatically reduced recoil.

So the recoil is accurate and thus I think not something that can be changed, since it is an actual feature of the gun IRL.

Perhaps instead of that, we could see an increase to the prices of VFGs, since they give massive amounts of recoil reduction, to the point of actually negating the actual weaknesses of some guns like the G3 and FAL.

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I think that if you don't have an AMR (for targeting rotors) or Rockets, you should have no business taking down helicopters. Even damaging critical components should only be a thing for AMRs; it's pretty ludicrous that any other gun would be able to bring them down in any amount of shots.

It's like a mechanic where you can shoot the fuel tank cap or engine on a technical to make it explode; makes about as much sense as an M4A1 briging down an Apache in 4 shots.

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I'm bumping this because apart from the Explosive Drone, the other supports have either remained unchanged or actually gotten worse this patch.

Special mention goes out to the helicopters, which seem to get destroyed even more frequently by the bots. So while the players' response of hiding and taking occasional potshots hasn't changed, the bots just down those helos within seconds of arrival.

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I think that the reason they were added could be because they're actually fairly popular in middle eastern armies and groups. The VHS 2 is a part of the Iraqi armoury, while the QBZ 03 is a Norico export that's becoming increasingly common in the hands of insurgents.

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Just replace them them with suicide bombers and more bots; fits in better with the mode while also being much fairer and challenging.

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There is virtually no reason to actually retain incendiaries and molotovs in co-op. On the flip side, there's a lot of reasons to be rid of them.

  1. The laser guided molotovs from bots, which seems to have made a return in this patch just make the deaths feel random, unfair and arbitrary. This is exacerbated by the new CQB maps, where the molotovs are even more effective.

  2. They enable rushing behaviour and aren't all that useful to players outsode such rushing. The incendiaries are good for one thing for players, and that is rushing and blowing up caches; they allow rushers to simply sprint up to the cache and blow it up by simply getting that one grenade on it. This sort of behavior makes the game worse for every other player and ruins the pacing of the game by making things like teamwork and coordination (required for the point, since you either have to escort the demolitions to it or cover the guy laying down a explosives) pointless. This sort of behaviour can even get toxic, where rushers will blindly throw incendiaries which wind up hurting their own team.

  3. They are also mostly worthless in blocking areas; bots simply rush through them and all they do is block players' line of sight and constrain their movement.

  4. They pretty much turn frenzy into a joke; you don't die to anything so much as you die to the molotovs, and it's the same story every single map and every single point, where the team drowns in molotovs and doesn't even get to see any of the actual rushers. The molotovs also make little sense in the context of the game mode, since they essentially provide powerful AoE ranged attacks to the melee bots; thus breaking the whole theme of the mode.

Each of these issues has been exacerbated by the new patch, which has seem laser guided molotovs return in a big way.

I think that it's time to admit that the incendiaries just make co-op worse overall and make them a PvP only thing. The only real beneficiaries on the incendiaries in co-op are the bots and rushers, who gain at the expense of all other players.