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Probably been asked before but for some reason Google is letting me down.

Do I need the legendary edition to play in an online league with my friends or does the base copy of the game still work for that. I'm just trying to figure out which copy to get but one of my friends already has the base copy.

Thanks for any help.

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Just thought I would try and ask here as I'm not too sure where else to ask. I have been trying to stream Vampyr and it keeps coming back with no ingame sound. I have streamed this on both Twitch and Mixer and have had the same result. All my other games are fine as I thought it might have been something in my settings.

I just wasn't sure if there is something copyrighted in the game or something that I might not have realised before I started or something but yea no in game sounds on playback only microphone.

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to offer.

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