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Where are all the cowards that say that you should just ignore it?

Watch the moderator come in and close it because this is too hostile, meanwhile "contributing members of the community" will defend racial slurs to the maximum extent possible. The justification for the last thread getting closed is because someone came in and used a racial slur. Quelle surprise.

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I've met more than four people in my life so yeah, this isn't a big deal. My main concern is the accent for the american security side sounds like they come from rural Pennsylvania or something and it really bothers me to hear everyone in this game having the same weird accent.

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give everyone slug shotguns and remove all other weapons while adding a grappling hook so we can have a proper instagib railgun match in this shit

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One team during one match

literally insurgency dot png

Yes, that's three uses of the n-word in usernames on a single team.

I await your responses defending the usage of the n-word in the online video game entitled Insurgency.

Thank you.

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It needs to at least be marked on the map where you can and cannot go, ideally with the enemy's area shown in a different color so you can adapt without hours of gametime on each map.

A visual queue in first person, like a red line on the ground, would be another option, but might detract a bit from the experience.

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This has been brought up repeatedly and you have tons of players jump on the boards to defend racist toxic behavior and argue against any sort of moderation. A lot of theses defenders of casual racism are really, really persistent in their apologetics to the point that you might get certain ideas about them, like that they casually throw around racial slurs in their private lives or in-game.

It's always the same tired argument too, one that doesn't fly in the real world, but for them somehow resonates because you're online. "You should just ignore it." Imagine if your coworkers told you that you should just ignore your super racist coworker constantly spouting off about Jews and black people in the break room. It's idiotic and the only reason anyone would present this argument is because they are at best ignorant and therefore complicit in the racism of others or supremely racist themselves.

Would a person on this forum casually dropping racial slurs get a pass from all of them as well or would that somehow cross a line because it's written down? What's the difference between that and spoken in game?

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someone please tell me I am wrong and there is a keybind that I am missing in the fucking settings for this for the last 4 months.

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to give you a better description, let's say I am sprinting somewhere and I suddenly see an enemy and I would like to shoot at him, but he is at medium range, so I decide to crouch before I fire and I hit the crouch button, but instead of crouching I start sliding on my knees out into the middle of the field and cannot shoot, so instead of returning fire from a crouched position I am sliding on my knees into the middle of a fucking courtyard without a gun.

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trying to find a time when I actually wanted to slide rather than did not want to slide where it gets me killed and I cannot think of one. Disable slide altogether or give me a goddamn option please.

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I think we need some kind of indicator for when your bipod is deployed because it is not obvious in either automatic or manual deploy.

Prone Manual issue: If you're prone and moving, sometimes it will stay deployed and other times it will secretly fold up, so when you start shooting the m249 you have no idea what to expect.

Standing/crouching: similar issue where it's difficult to tell if you're deployed properly, but additionally you're pretty limited on the places you're allowed to deploy.

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