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@deadlock_ In terms of the screamers it should be toned down, i dont mind when is connecting objectives, im mainly talking about in those "hold them off objective" especially because its far too risky to split up (lurkers) and relying on members to hold them off while you go kill him, its just not worth it and it seems there is no counterplay, at least on those objective i would recommend more acessible spawn on high up places and maybe even get him running so he could scream a few time.

And the "give up" option I think it would still be a decent implementation due to the fact you gain nothing from it since the respawn time is so long, or even a darker choice you can damage down players so their timer runs out quicker but I dont really agree with this one.

I dont mind the bull drfiting but sometimes its just plain unfair, maybe decrease slightly decrease his charging hitbox.

And your replacement for the kick buttons seems better than mine so thank you for your input 😃

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@chaton Thank you 😃 Its really rare seeing a team so dedicated to hearing feedback, hope you guys do well and the game can last years to come.

Wish you guys all the best ❤

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Posted this on discord but might as well also post it here:

1)Better sound design so the guns and explosions feel more impactful

2)Make the screamers spawn more acessible

3)Maybe a vote kick teammates (a bit controversial )

4)Make the bull go a little more straight because holy shit that man can drift

5)When you are going to finish the mission and a guy gets down just finish leave him behind no need to punish the whole team in the last second just because someone got downed (or maybe a "give up option")

6)Do a CoD Modern Warfare 2 skin system where skins are attached to challenges and that way people will really feel rewarded when they finally get it and of course bragging rights

7)Maybe a separate gamemode where you can estabilish game modifiers kinda like some roguelikes like enter the gungeon and can really spice it up

8)The mic and crouch seem a bit buggy and clunky

9)The 3rd person camera sometimes doenst align from where you are aiming to where you are shooting especially noticiable in tight angles or when teammates are really close to where you are aiming which results in accidental team damage where none of the players are at fault

  1. A prestige system so it keeps the players engaged and maybe reward them with future skins since there are players who only like to play a certain class and doesnt discourage them from playing that one class

Just brainstorming some ideas 🙂

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