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thank you and like with the modders that put forth content on fs17 I'd be happy to support you in any way I can when mods on mudrunner become a reality for consoles 🙂

I get that a lot of work goes into mods, I used to be into PC modding a lot more until 2013/2014, but these days I have a lot less time to mess around with settings etc to get things working smoothly, I am by no means a shill for any console or PC, I just have to rely on what's most convenient for my schedule and right now consoles fit those needs, the games are great and the expansion of modding on consoles is only offering a better experience for me and a wider audience for you to grow your fan base and support bubble, exciting times indeed for gaming when you look at the potential.

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You don't need to post a thing to support your argument as I'm not debating wether or not they advertised mods, I already know the answer.
Im just simply stating that I will not be investing my money into anything by these developers in the future if they do not resolve the issue in some way.

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@riskywisky stop telling everyone to buy a PC.

Buying a PC to play this game with mods is a shitty investment, if your car blew a tire you wouldn't go buy a different car to fix the problem, you would buy a different tire.

Just because your a PC shill and a lazy ass does not mean the whole modding community is just like you.

plenty of FS17 PC mods made it onto consoles sunshine... no ones gonna miss your work on consoles I can assure you 😉

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they still advertise mods on their website for consoles to this day... if you lacked the team, skills or time to implement something you advertise then would it be wise to advertise plans to do so? it's not like the devs didn't dig this hole for themselves, plenty of people would have bought the game without a mention of mods.
But that's not what happened is it.