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@doctoryog said in Tyranids Faction Feedback Thread:

Every weapon type and ability has exponential increase in effectivity, not only launch bays. Lets take macros. You have 2, and bring some enemy ship down in 2 minutes. Now, you have 4. Does that mean ship will die in 1 minute? Nnnnnope!

Your example is simply "damage scales with damage" which is indeed the case but not the argument you are trying to make. The difference between 10 bays and 20 is incredible. 10 Bays can be kited and they might do 0 damage. 20 Bays will remove an entire fleets turrets and slowly kill it over time. This is not even close to how the scaling of other weapons turns out.

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I am glad that lances are not Dps powerhouse weapons. Having ships melt at 22k to a fast kiting fleet would be pure cancer. Instead, lances are primarily for crits and consistent ranged damage which makes them useful but not unbearably frustrating to fight against--which is exactly how +66% damage would feel.

Also, reload vs lock- on paper Dps is misleading due to accuracy being mieading. Lock-on is basically always worse for macros.

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You sure it's not chaos emissions dissipator? It affects all chaos ships.

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@canned_f3tus said in Addressing current Imperial Navy deficiencies:

I think the IN are top dogs in the ladder atm. They probably should be tweaked last and hook up the factions that are still trash tier.

Which factions do you feel are trash tier?

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Crit rate is not a big issue for Merchant running all BBs though... BBs ignore 80% of crits. Boarding and moral is bad for them i can agree to that.

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Absolutely not. If you AFK a 2000 HP GC with 67 armor on a point it will take 3 Archerons and a Desolator about 3 mins to kill it. Cheapest GC is ~200 points and holding 1 extra cap for 3 mins is only worth 180 points so this is a losing endeavor.

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Lances are not bad. They are the only reliable way to deal long range damage, and are decent at dealing crits at all ranges. They are weak at short range, strong at long range.

Reload affecting lances would be overpowered. It would be a 66% damage buff which is far too much.

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The Cruisers and BCs need buffs for sure, especially the harvester. It loses all its weapon at like 75% HP. its pretty impressive really.

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Tyranid hive ships deal less damage from ramming than they should. Their spurs most likely do not work.


A hive ship ramming a chaos cruiser takes about 465 damage.


The rammed chaos cruiser takes about 530 damage (It took 70 hull damage prior to the ram)

A hive ship with 67 armor, a spur and 2000 HP should not ram ~15% better than a 67 armor, chaos cruiser with 1600 HP. Testing against a 2000 HP ship would probably show identical ramming damage despite the hive ship having a spur.

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The unique World Eaters ability Bloodletters Parties does not interact with the abilities Chaos Space Marines or Khorne Berserkers. Bloodletters Parties tooltip states it is an assault action, yet is not modified by abilities affecting assault actions. This is probably due to it appearing as a technical skill in game.


The screenshot is from live, but this occurs in the beta build as well.