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So I brought about twice the command limit for this one. First contacts you get are the Imperium ships in the bottom right side. They have a lot, 3-4 BC, about the same each for Cruisers and LC. The entire time you fight them, you are getting bombarded by the craftworld artillery, forcing you to save your ship's rushes to evade, although it does sometimes catch an enemy ship. I managed to defeat the imperials, after losing a bunch of ships. Then it's a bug hunt to try and find the 2 eldar fleets, under fire the whole time. I did find one, up in the top left corner, but by that time I was down to four ships, and the 4 or so Corsair Cruisers plus the omnipresent artillery finished me off fairly quickly. Especially since there seems to be a cap on reinforcements, where you don't get every ship you lose replaced, just the first couple - three in my case.

I imagine the other Eldar fleet is in the bottom left corner.

But this mission is seriously difficult (as is the Ork one with all the space whales). You just get worn down with wave after wave of fleets that are each equivalent in size to your own.

And that was on easy difficulty.

Any tips would be appreciated.

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ITurn 29 Necron Campaign, just entered Agrippina sector, repeatable crash as the AI turn tries to execute the Necron turn and then crashes.0_1548527031120_Crashes.7z

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Necron campaign, when I press end turn, the AI turns start, then the game freezes and crashes while trying to play the Necron turn.

This has happened multiple times, and I have tried moving my fleets around a bit before ending with no luck.

Att are my last save, the crash logs, and dxdiag info, as per.