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@VoodooMike said in Every Champion Ladder without changes is a wasted season:

You need to remember that the point of inducements was to help balance matches, they just caved to people's bitching about it and made them too weak to do it properly. If we don't want to balance matches lets do away with inducements altogether... if we do want to balance matches then lets have inducements do their job properly. This half-assery that we've been using makes NO SENSE.

Bullshit. It's been the same prices for the same inducements since inducements were introduced. They didn't cave to anything. The inducements cost exactly what they have since they were invented.

I'm really blown away that a guy who spent and spends so much time trying to cheat and break the game is seen as an expert on fairness. Am I taking crazy pills to be living in a world where the author of BBoracle is seen as an authority on fairness?