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So there was a spot on one of the maps, I'll be honest and say IDK which one, but the commander and I both fell in there. I was able to get unstuck by jumping up on him then on the stairs next to us. I was not able to help him get unstuck. The screenshots make it hard to see exactly where we were (it was very confined) but if I play it again I'll take a screenshot from outside. I hope the devs know where it is and I hope they can fix it. Nothing big, but sorta annoying.

P.S. New update is great!!



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@banani2804 well I can't post a link to the thread since it was in the Alpha, but I'll copy the steps. This is not my discovery, credit goes to doubletapdan.

"For all Nvidia users go to Nvidia Control Panel - Manage 3D Settings - Add Program - Insurgency Sandstorm (If not in drop-down list, search for it under steam apps/common, files) under features 'Threaded optimization' turn on. Power Management Mode - Prefer Maximum Performance!"

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Ryzen 3 1300X with a GTX 960 and I get a solid 60-70 fps with drops during heavy gun runs and artillery strikes or a drop to 40 when I'm scoped into any sort of powered scope. All my settings are on high besides shadows and foliage, which are on low.

Make sure yall have done the Nvidia control panel fix that should really help with the fps and the stuttering and also there's a launch parameter "-USEALLAVAILABLECORES" that has helped some people, though I can't really say what it's done for me since the patch also came out.

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From what it sounds like, they had an idea and they began to work on it but then canned it so they could focus on multiplayer. There's nothing saying that they won't come back to it and finish it up.

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@ldclaudius sounds like you're talking about Outpost and Operation. To the best of my knowledge, Outpost isn't one life and Operation, assuming it follows suit with every other co-op mode, most likely won't be one life either.

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I'd never had any extensive FPS experience before I picked up Insurgency. Sure, I'd played almost every CoD, but without internet I was limited to campaign and bots, and the occasional Xbox live game over at a friend's house. When I picked up Insurgency, I mainly played solo but I would play online whenever possible. I honestly don't know if my solo hours offline were tracked by Steam but I did end up racking up hours online playing PvP. I remember being absolute trash and being extremely excited about my very first kill when I went 1-18 on my 2nd-4th round. When I hit 100 hours was when I got to be a decent-ish player where I could carry my weight if I had a decent team on a map I knew well. From then on I just got better and better, and I'd say in my 200-500th hour was when I really did become a good player. What probably helped me the most was when I started to play Ambush instead of Push because most of the players were just better. Now almost on hour 1200, I've become a really good player, I still have bad games and mediocre games but most are good, and whenever I leave Ambush to play Push or Coop I see just how good I've become. If you want to get better, the #1 thing to do is to just put hours in and learn maps, once you have that down and have become a decent player, find game modes (I still recommend ambush for this) with better players and play that until you become a good player all around. From there it's just more hours and eventually you'll get really good.

P.S. By no means do I mean to sound arrogant here, but that's sorta what this post is asking for.

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