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Seems like torpedoes should ignore armor as well as shields. They just dont do as much damage as they should when you land a good hit.

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Thanks for the update, @Jellyfoosh!!
Just a couple of requests/suggestions:

When reviewing winrates and balancing data, i think that you guys should look at both overall win rates, and also win rates within the gold division. I think its important that the game feels balanced for both newer and experienced players.

Having a detailed breakdown/explanation of game mechanics/FAQ's available either on the forum or the in-game help upon release would be immensly helpful for transparency/learning curve. Im thinking things like ramming damage calculations, turret ordnance firing logic, or explanations of how buffs/debuffs stack in calculations.

Really liking the game so far 🙂

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The durability changes that they put in seem quite noticeable to me.
Better damage resistance, along with a nerf to armor piercing weapons means that necron ships feel much tougher - i rarely lose ships due to hull points.

Their ships still feel overcosted for what they bring to the table, however.
Lack of manueverability seems to be their biggest weakness, and they are also susceptible to massed criticals. Either a better way to resist criticals, or a damage increase seems warranted, along with a speed increase.

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Adding a few other changes -

Micro Requirements - Overall i think the demand on ability usage micro has gone down significantly, which i view as a strong positive. You no longer have to smash 5 abilities for each of your ships in a split second which is fantastic. Micro should be focused on ship positioning/maneuvering and this game seems to do a much better job than the first one of achieving that goal.

Stances - I very much like that these were changed to be passive effects! The specific effects/values can definitely use some tweaking but overall this is a positive change.

Limited use abilities - I also like that torpedos/NC's/assault/ordnance have now been changed to have limited charges. It feels like you have to pick your targets with a lot more care rather than just spamming these as soon as they go off cooldown. However I think 3 uses may be a bit too limiting, at least for some of these abilities. These weapons are very expensive to take, and in long battles a lot of the more expensive ships lose a significant amount of utility once they run out of charges, so you are not rewarded as much for preserving your ships. I think some of those abilities could be changed to have 5 uses each.

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Could we get some additional subcategories added to the forum? Starting to see a lot of similar threads in the "General Discussion" subcategory, and overall this category is getting a bit cluttered and hard to track - we're seeing "faction feedback", "mechanic clarification", and "XX strategy OP" threads all in this subcategory at the moment.

I want this game/community to be as successful as posdible, and i think a well run and organized forum is key to that goal 🙂

I think it would be very helpful to create the following additional subcategories to clean things up a bit and classify discussion more meaningfully:

Balance Feedback - this subcategory could be used for serious discussion on mechanics. The post quality should be higher (with examples and full explanations), and discussion should be focused on PvP balance. It would be great if we could also create "megathreads" for each of the factions and main game mechanics (troops, ordnance, morale, etc) to further centralize feedback and discussion. Would also love to see the devs chime in a post clarification on mechanics/stats.

Strategy discussion - this subcategory could be used for players to present strategies that they have found or encountered, and host discussion on how to counter different builds or playstyles. Content can be less formal, and this would be a good place for newer players to learn the meta and proper counterplay.

Let me know what you guys think, and if you have any ideas for other subcategories!!

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@bosie said in Weapon ranges feedback.:

Whilst playing you can mouse over the weapon icon on the expanded unit info shown on the left hand side of the screen. This will you show you the arc and range of the weapon you are mousing over.

You can even do this for enemy ships as well, if you select them and expand the unit info 🙂

I agree that destroyed weapons are a lot harder to identify on ally and enemy ships. Would be nice to make this more apparent somehow.

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You sure have 🙂
Im a 40k nerd all over the place. Definitely a lot better at DOW2 than this game.

Thats also where i got the idea for my "codex request" from a different post. DOW2 is an equally complicated game, but having a publicly available codex which lists out all unit/weapon stats really helps with the learning curve. I would love to see something similar for BFGA2 - preferably from the devs but from the community if not:

Feel free to add me on steam if you want some games 🙂

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I had a lot of the same questions initially about nids instantly depopulating my ships.

The mechanic/trigger is not particularly apparent, and it was very frustrating to instantly having all of my ships reduced to drifting hulks. I wasnt sure what the cause was or how to counterplay and at first i thought it was OP as well. So i definitely can understand your concerns - new players will absolutely find this very frustrating and i think transparency could be improved so that at least you have a better understanding of what is happening to your ships. Especially because troops/assault has been significantly reworked from the first game.

I then made a post on the forum trying to get more information on assaults (ashardalon provided a very illuminating post so thanks for that!) - it made a lot more sense as far as what was happening, but still seemed very strong.

I then tried playing some games as carrier nids. When i played vs newbies with just a few battleships, i was amazed as i hulked them all instantly (they were isolated and in lock on stance) and my inital thoughts of "OP" seemed vindicated. However, then i played vs some more experienced players and really saw the limitations/counterplay first hand. This really made me realize the limitations of assault craft, and how "all or nothing" it truly is.

These more experienced players grouped up their ships, and used manuevers to make my assault boats chase them for long distances. With "brace for impact" on, these chases shot down almost all of my craft, significantly lessening their impact. When i was able to land an assault, they had LC's nearby to instantly repopulate them via lightnighy strike. I then tried boarding to rehulk their ships, but they just zipped another LC by to repopulate again... very frustrating to play against that as nids, since there seems to be no additional damage that you inflict with additional hulkings.

Overall feedback:
Assault craft seem very OP for newer players due to unclear mechanics and high baseline damage. At low levels of play they seem to overperform.

Correct counterplay seems to punish assault craft too hard at the moment. With brace, interceptors, limited charges, and minimal punishment for recrewing a hulk, assault craft are near-useless and not worth it at a higher level of play.

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I noticed this first as IN, but have also seen this occur as other factions such as orks and SM.

It seems to be random (no specific trigger that i have been able to identify), but sometimes after using torpedos, once they come off cooldown they are no longer usable. I still have charges left, and do not have any weapons destroyed, but the ability button is greyed out and i cannot use them again for the rest of the match 😞

Really frustrating and makes a lot of the IN ships a lot less useful.

Has anyone else run into this? Ill try to grab screenshots if possible.

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Adding my 2 cents...

Agreed that escorts should not be able to cap - wouldnt mind seeing their utility improved in some other way, but being able to capture points can lead to some very silly outcomes/strategies, and absolutely benefits some factions more than others.

I just played a game as Nids vs Sm. Battle was pretty even early on, but after several engagements i had killed all of his line ships, leaving 2 escorts. He had killed most of my line ships, but i still had a hive ship and a couple of escorts. The whole rest of the match was him zipping around capping with his escorts, and my ships slowly trying to chase. He ended up winning on vps - very frustrating/boring to experience that at the end of a match.

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