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I'm currently playing through the campaigns on hard an I have to say defensive turns take entirely too long to complete.
Auto complete can help, but with the number of approx 3600 point attacks to be defended the casualties pile up very fast. This leads one to try and play through 3-4 3600 pt missions back to back with no option to save in between. Should you lose a key character or asset in defensive engagement 3 or 4 your back to square one. Considering each game is between 15 to 25 minutes I'm currently struggling to get through a single defensive turn in what free time I have. Heaven forbid something should go wrong and I need to restart! Any chance of the option to save in between defensive battles?

On a lesser note, call to arms cancels burn retros. This often results in a ship I have moved into a gas cloud or asteroid field for safe keeping wandering about to its inevitable destruction.

Thanks for your time.

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Targeting coordinator
While in the lock on stance, every friendly T’au ship within the ship identification range has the accuracy of its rail guns enhanced to exceptional Accuracy

Applies to T’au escort ships.

Does the Benifit apply when the escort is under the lock on even if the line ship is not? Or does the line ship benifit if it is under the lock on order even if the escort is not? Or are both vessels required to be under lock on for this effect to take place?

Cheers to the English language....

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Just a quick addendum

The problem with the ship order hotkeys (Brace, lock on etc) could be easily resolved if "running silent" were moved to the forth position thereby leaving the other three orders in permanent positions and keybindings.


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Hello good people of Focus

First off, wonderful work so far. It’s also very refreshing to see your continued support of your product.

I’ve a few observations to share. In the interest of full disclosure I’ll state that I’m an older player that has played quite a bit of the first game as well as through the various betas. I enjoys all factions, though I do prefer Chaos, Tau and Eldar Corsairs at the moment. I won’t be addressing and balance issues, your data would certainly be of more value than my anecdotal experiences.

With that out of the way, lets get stuck in...

Quality of Life improvements :

Hot keys:
Would it be possible to have the order hot keys bound to specific orders (or faction equivalent) rather that order position? It’s rather frustrating when you order a lock on or brace rather than silent running or reload etc.

Faction ability’s such as Nova cannons/Feeder tendrils/Homing torpedoes would befit greatly from a hot key binding. Boarding torpedoes already have this and make the absence elsewhere all the more glaring.

The ability to hotkey targeting subsystems on opposing ships would also be very useful.

Would it be possible to pre set orders during deployment in a manner similar to the first game?
I also noticed functionality for setting stances was removed as of the last update. This seems a very strange decision to me. Was it deliberate? What was the reasoning behind this change?

Fleet Selection:

In campaign it is possible to set various pre-set behaviors (engagement range/Front/broadside etc.) to your fleets, could this not be also enabled to multiplayer fleets?

User interface:

With the current layout there exists a strange dead zone at the bottom of the screen where you can see and even highlight vessels but not select or interact with them. In my case this has often led to my scrolling to target a ship for various reasons only to waste precious time failing to select a highlighted ship before returning to scrolling the screen a little further.

I was surprised to see the revised GUI in BFG:A 2. You have several beautiful faction specific UI in the previous game and now use a generic and very utilitarian interface. Aesthetics aside the new UI has a few other issues of note. The pop up information window is an invasive block taking up far to much of the valuable lateral screen space. This information was previously nicely integrated into the much less valuable lower screen space. Admittedly it was and continues to be difficult to read its persistent availability allowed for quick reference and hover over availability. If you decide to keep the current information panel setup a hotkey for quick expansion/reduction would help mitigate its worst effects.

The placement and Labeling of the “Cruiser clash” option strikes me as bizarre almost to the point of deliberately misleading. This option hidden away in the settings sub screen and so poorly labeled I doubt many players are even away that they can play cruiser clash should they so wish. Labeling the option “Victory through domination” is not helpful as what “domination” is is not explained. As this option is the only toggle on this particular screen the white or black block does not give any indication as to what is on and what is off. Perhaps an simple X or check mark? Additionally having the toggle not default back to "allow victory through domination" between every match would be appreciated.

Gameplay features:
Chat block/mute seems to be a must have online these days. While a thankfully rare occurrence, toxic behavior online is inevitable and sadly contagious. Anything that can pre-empt this course of events will be a welcome addition.

How do turrets work in this game? Can they be overwhelmed or do they function as in the previous game? What is their range? New boarding mechanics?

Though it took a great deal of time the FAQ for BFG:A was a great resource for explaining many of the mechanics and features not explained in the game. BFG:A 2 appears to be even more complex. Will such a document be forthcoming?

Tool tips have improved greatly (keep it up!)

I see in the patch notes you are once more considering persistent fleets, an idea I am not opposed to Though please take into consideration the player behavior you incentivize. In BFG:A fleet building incentives favored destroying as many of your opponents ships as possible. This resulted in a lot of “punching down” wherein stronger fleets smashed weaker ones to build themselves further while the repair cost and other costs of failure prevented the loser from ever improving their fleet, while at the same time their admiral level continued to increase pitting their anemic fleet against stronger and stronger opponents. This made the game extremely hostile to new multiplayer participants.

The most recent update has increased the 2v2 fleet size to 1000. While certainly welcome by many I must say I played 2v2 specifically for the smaller fleet size. I prefer tight control and maneuver of my fleet and its abilities (exacerbated by the lack of hot keys as above). Now with both 1v1 (my preferred match up) and 2v2 (my preferred fleet size) both favouring larger fleets I find myself with nowhere to play save against the...... questionable AI.

I know splitting your player base is generally a no go. But perhaps some ability or option to opt for smaller games could be offered if community support is sufficient?

Thanks for your time and keep up the good work!


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This is more a holdover from my experiences with BFG:A 1 rather than direct feedback from this recent beta.
Would it be possible to have an option to block players or disable in game chat? I've run into a more than a few toxic players in my time playing BFG:A and being able to block those players that call you N-----r Ch--k or C--t etc would go along way to increase my enjoyment online.

Thank you for your time and keep up the good work!

C Kriese