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thanks for sharing your thoughts about my idea, if you dont mind i would like to take some time to react on your thoughts:

a) does it have to fix a problem? new ideas can bring in a new perspective about the ladder/cup and how it is going to be played, making ideas only to solve problems will stop us from thinking ''outside the box'', also i do agree this is low priority, however: its very simple to implement and not time-consuming at all.

b) we can turn that question around as well, surely the champion benefits but do you think its justified for a champion not to be able to defend his title in any way? (unless he does a great qualifying run again). also by implementing my idea we can increase the lifespan of teams that became champion, and if there are problems with that, we could also take the middle road and only allow the same champion to be in the next season cup for a certain amount of times (e.g. only 3 seasons in a row)
also i did call the idea an option , the champion doesnt have to take the option and can still do the qualifying run with another / same race

c) yes the #8 wildcard spot misses out, i dont see a big problem with that, i cant really make out anything from the rest of the comment because seasons circulate in a same way each season (qualifying + 5 playoff games), making no benefit for anyone.

d) if the champion race would be stripped from the wildcard spot, i dont see how it would hurt diversity in the ladder/cup, yes 1 team out of 32 stays the same for next season, but the rest of the format stays the same, you might even see a slight increase in diversity knowing that some coaches in CCL will know what the champion race is and might play a different race more often because of that

i appreciate your and other's thoughts on this :), if there's anything else on your mind pls post it here.

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Just a simple idea here about the Champions cup and qualification for next season: at the moment when a team and coach become champion of a season they get the honor of becoming champion and win some prize money, after that the team is thrown into the bin and nothing happens with it anymore.

in multiple sports you do see that when a team/country becomes champion of a cup, they are automatically qualified for the next cup, thinking about that my proposal would be:

As another prize, the coach can choose to qualify with the team that became champion for next season, should the coach choose to do so:

  • the coach is not allowed to play any games with that team in the upcoming season until the playoffs
  • the coach has to contact the admins at the end of the qualifying season (to counter inactivity)

to keep qualification interesting for all races nothing would change in the qualification system (same top race/wildcard system), so the top team of the race that the champion team of last season has still qualifies, you will just only have 1 less wildcard spot (although you could possibly remove the wildcard option for the champion race during qualification if preferred).

let me know what you guys think 🙂