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please please please and please shooting by pressing R2 is a pain in the ass especially with semi automatic guns 😞

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The changes I'm talking about wouldn't make WWZ become a new COD game, I'm just trying to make the game better and more complete, if killing 50 or 900 zombies, or killing 40 players or 3, don't make a difference, players will get bored way sooner than expected. If that's not your case, honestly good for you, but I've seen a lot of people talking about this and I couldn't agree more.

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@missabbyxz I meant a mode in which if you die, you don't respawn, no need to plant/defuse a bomb.

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First of all, loving the game, been waiting for something like this for a long time, but it always can be better and the community is here to help with that! I know you are probably sick of being compared to L4D2 but after 10 years playing that game I can tell you some things that would help your game a lot without losing its personality.

If anyone wants to add or refute anything, go ahead 🙂 !

(sorry for my english btw)


  • I think the game feels too slow sometimes (at least on console), especially when you want to do various actions, like, switch weapons, throw a C4, run, turn back and shoot, reload , switch to heavy weapon, run etc etc.. Sometimes I die just because of that and it's really frustrating. So yeah, basically more agility.

  • I understand that a jumping mechanic is not something that you want to add, but at least we should be able of jumping over a lot more walls, or at least something that LET US KNOW over which ones we can jump.

  • I don't know if it's me, but Z's seem to hit me from waaaaay too far and it's very annoying.

  • Dying in high difficulties is really a pain in the ass, not because I've died, but because of the loading screens, the lobby etc... Solutions:

  1. A votation which let players decide if they want to go back to the lobby or not
  2. A 15 seconds long screen that let you upgrade/change anything (and can be skipped by holding a key)

This is very very frustrating and need to be changed please 😞

  • Kicking players don't work, you can vote to kick someone, but the rest of the players can't vote or interact with the votation in any way.

  • If 3 teammates are down (not dead) but the one remaining reaches a place where the 4 players need to be together in order to (for example) close a door that keep them safe from the horde (like in episode 1, chapter 2 ; the part where it's literally raining zombies and you have to go up and be all together behind a door), the door should close anyways. This would create great and fun moments and lots of adrenaline rushes!!

  • A decent XP system. I think it's completely bad for the game that a player that kills 800 zombies and do a lot stuff during the chapter gets the same XP as a player who kills 200 zombies and do almost nothing... You need to make good players feel rewarded. If I go crazy I want my level to go up more than the rest of the times.

  • AI: AI is pretty bad. Bots get stuck, shoot you, don't use explosive ammo/medkits (etc), don't pick up items that you mark for them etc etc


  • Customization of the characters to make players feel like they have an unique style in the game (you could add a store and we'd use the in-game money to purchase cosmetics)

  • A decent XP system. The other day after ending a match, I had 30 kills and 14 captures, my friend had 17 and 3, and we earnt the same amount of XP!! This needs to be changed, during the game you see a lot of XP rewards popping on the screen but I'd like to see that actually being relevant.

  • Levels (not the account level), emblems, clans, titles...

  • I guess you already have plans about more maps and modes, but please add a mode in which if you die, you don't respawn!! Like search and destroy, with rounds and all that, but without the bombs.

I'm for sure missing some things but these are the most important issues in my opinion. I hope you consider these as future issues to work on! 🙂

Thank you.

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Also, I played 2 MP games before going to bed yesterday (after losing all my progress), I just started the game and I've lost everything again 😞

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Thank you! But will we get our progress back? And will we keep losing our progress if we play right now? Cause we are going to re-play the first campaign today and grind a bit so we can be at the same level as our friend again, but it'd be a waste of time if we lost everything again. I guess we can't get our progress back, and that's ok (it's not but, for us, it's no a big deal), but I want to play today without losing my progress today so we don't have to re-play the game again 😞

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I pre-ordered the game and the lobo pack is installed, but it doesn't appear in my game. It's still has the ''locked'' icon.
But the most important issue is that I've played for 3 hours (I'm loving the game), took a break to play other game, and after coming back, I've lost all my progress. 10 levels (I think) + All my multiplayer progress + The first campaign. One of my friends lost everything too, the other one didn't, we don't know why.

My PSN is cXrdyceps and my friend's is plc9_killer (in case you can fix it for him too).

Please fix it! I want to play so bad 😞

Thank you!