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@yongnuo Thanks for the info 👍👍👍

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@boppapsn.👍can you really clutch & shift On PS4 ? I got a little disappointed from the reply's i received staying that the shifter is not supported.

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@iyagovos I noticed in the PS4 listing where it includes Logitech G29 Driving doesn't say (SHIFTER) are we going to be able to clutch & shift on PS4 ?

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@iyagovos yes .. Can't wait to get off work 👍💯

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Its the 3rd week of the month...console update E.T.A ?

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THE pc update droped last week ... And the announcement said console updates will follow...but when ?

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Features to come to PC next week and to consoles a couple of weeks after. We will introduce full patch notes when the patches launch.

New upcoming features on all platforms:

A new optional camera mode, centred on the vehicle.
A new autosave system, that will save automatically every five minutes.
The ability to look through the back of the vehicle while in cockpit view.
Dramatically adjusting the difficulty of loading logs onto a trailer. Players will find it easier to straighten out the truck so that logs can be loaded now.
Various tweaks and fixes.
On consoles:

Steering wheel support will be introduced! The specifics of the wheels that will be supported will be detailed in the patch notes once the patch goes live, in a couple of weeks.
On PC:

More steering wheels will be officially supported, and even more will work, but not all will receive pedal support or controller presets.

New keyboard shortcuts so that players can easily switch to the cockpit view.

We're, of course, continuing to update the game past this, with updates such as map workshop support on PC, working mirrors and other additional features coming in the future, as well as additional unannounced content.

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