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I recently factory resetted my pc, and the game worked fine after that really, only recently after not having touched the game for 2 months i get this error message that says

LowLevelFatalError [File:D:\UE
p] [Line: 259]
ort.cpp:(198): BackBuffer->GetResource() has 2 refs, expected 1

Can anyone help?

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I've been loving this game but one thing is according to me not working.

In the tutorial they tell you to request healing from your apothacarry by holding space to bring up the order wheel to heal, That went alright. And for the first mission in the game that heal order was working.

However i decided to restart the game cause i wasn't satisfied with my performance, and suddenly the heal order disappeared from the order wheel, i tried looking for solutions online and discovered there are hotkeys, however upon pressing those my apothacarry says "Medkit reloading"

This doesn't neccesarely make the game unplayable i can still heal using the psygate. However since you only get 3 or 4 depending if you find secrets. It just makes the game alot more harder.