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fingers crossed

doesnt look like pointy is active anymore tho....

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I whole heartedly agree. I am developing an open source PHP Sandstorm Admin script and can in no way figure out the correct socket connection parameters for this highly undocumented game server.

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Sounds of your own footsteps are way off in 5.1 - seems solely left to right.

Do Not do the Early Release! It will kill the game... Get the Game Right first... then Release December or January imho.

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Game has a lot of potential!!

Suggestion: Please add a Lean Option into this game! Must have!

Current bugs: (which I'm sure are known)

  • Those with 4k monitors are required to go to the FTW folder and find "Launch_Game.exe" and right-click -> "Properties" -> "Compatibility" Tab -> Check "Disable Desktop Composition"
    (otherwise mouse cursor will be way off)

  • Controls other than movement are not set (for example changing the Interact key will not register and then no key will be able to interact - F will no longer work)

  • Do not run as Administrator... Steam will not login

  • Weather vote screen (the three weather options) is unclickable for me. I can click mouse over any vote (weather) item and it does not select.

  • Weather vote screen gets stuck - Seemed like when I was in the Menu and went back to game when the Weather vote was active - the Weather Vote screen stayed stuck and mouse cursor disappeared. When I went back the Menu (pressed Esc key) the Cursor re-appeared. Then after I exited menu (Pressed Resume) the cursor disappeared.