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Ya know i never noticed that... but now that I think (and checked) your right. Does seem a little weird they didnt do that, could even showcase a special infected now and then. Be cool to actually look at the bulls design without it trying to murder you.

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Devs are doing lots of things to fix alot of bugs and adding QOL changes in the next patch from what I've seen in the Technical feedback.

Really the AI just needs buff. While they can hold their own against regular zombies the special infected tear through them. Like for instance one small buff I can think of is if someone is pinned as long as no zombies are close to them they should sprint, not jog to help.

Also they should improve the weaponry they use. Basic lvl 1 weapons on insane isn't even gonna an actual player let alone a bot. At least for "Offline" play they should use the same level you got when you start a level. Like for instance say I start with a level 5 Sporting Carbine, they should all start and keep teir-2 weapons at lvl 5 for the mission. If I start with a tier-1 lvl 3 shotgun, they should all start with tier-1 level-3 weapons too. Would give more incentive to use gun starting perks most people ignore for other perks and give more importance to leveling up guns, you know at least for offline, online play you should be expected to find 3 other players.

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Honestly if you want to play on Mouse and Keyboard just go to walmart and get a $300 laptop I say. As long as you run a hard-line internet connection modern cheap laptops can run just about any game.

Also I play console exclusively for the "fair playing field" it presents. Not like on PC where your same $300 laptop I mentioned is going against a $3000 triple monitor gaming rig.

Having Keyboard and Mouse give a huge advantage in FPS and shooter games over people using controllers that are compatible with the platform. Widowmaker in Overwatch is a great example of this. In PC she's pretty much OP cause you can just click on the enemy heads rapidly, vs someone with a joystick who has to manually move the cursor in the directions needed and is much much harder to get precision.

Not to mention alot of games on Console have "Aim Assist" and if you had a KB&M with Aim Assist it would pretty much be aimbot without having hacks. Also have you checked the console aim assist setting in WWZ yet? Most games only have two setting on and off, but WWZ has 3, you can actually increase it to "strong" and have really good tracking with a joystick. If you gave this "strong" Aim Assist to a mouse player they would pretty much be untouchable in PvP and it would drive alot of people out of PvP using controllers if lots of people used it.

There's a very valid reason why world record speedruns and game tournaments have separate categories for console and PC, and why alot of games choose not to have crossplay. If KB&M was allowed in alot of games the "console" category would be nothing but KB&M on the top.

Not to mention you can macro button combinations into a keyboard to give you an advantage, where on a controller you have very limited buttons and pretty much 99% of the time everyone is already being used. This is a huge exploit in fighter games on console. Imagine having to up, down, x, b, y, up, down, b, y; to do a combo and your opponent only need to hit the #5 on his keyboard to do the same combo?

Highly opposed to KB&M support on WWZ.

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Dang what a one sided slaughter, wish pvp would put me in rooms with lvl 30s but I always end up VSing people like you and go NOPE lol.

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@Jellyfoosh said in Forum Rules:

Moderator Action

In the majority of cases, moderators will contact individuals and offer them the opportunity to explain/adjust their posts before taking direct action. In the first instance, moderators will not lock threads and will attempt to use other actions to keep the discussion alive. However, it may be necessary to lock a thread temporarily in order to allow editing or to allow a cooling-off period while users are contacted regarding their actions. If possible such threads will be reopened, or a separate thread will be opened on the same subject, in order to allow the discussion to continue.
Moderator actions may include warnings, temporary or permanent bans, usually in that order, but at their discretion based on the severity of the offence.

@Jellyfoosh said in Forum Rules:

Yes, you can PM one of the CMs; either myself, @Raibi, or @chaton.

I'm a little confused here. Says there are mods on the forum, but the main action is to contact one of three community managers?

Who are the "mods" on the WWZ forum? If there is none currently might I recommend Doomshfaft? I been checking this board almost daily since I joined and they seem pretty knowledgeable in all aspects of the game. I'd recommend myself, but I play on xbox and alot of the technical problems are mainly directed towards PC and I know nothing of their issues.

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@TL_Gamer said in Class customization can't be done (Screenshot link inside):

How did people seriously become this stupid!

I ask this exact same question everytime you repost nonsense here

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Anyone got a clips to share of things they done in game that were worth saving to you.

Me personally I've fallen in love with the new and improved thumper. Hellraiser is pretty much all I play now and I gotten so good with aiming it I been nailing shots like these.

Youtube Video

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Can I just buy the USB stick keychain?

Not gonna lie the "NYC" shirt doesnt really do me any good in Chicago unless I'm looking for a buttwhooping, and I dont have enough friend to burn through 4 Game Keys since the ones I have that would play already bought it 😛

Would like to see some good fan art though.