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BUG Winch stays connected even if disconnected. Scene In D535 carriage + small log trailer both filled with logs. Pulling a working B151 with same config then I hit a bump detached the winch witch was on drive..... Moved forward with the D because the carriage was kinda leaning, then attached the winch again to the B and put it into pull, to pull the carriage down. Got it Down and saw I will have to solo each truck past the next bit so I detached it but once I did that and tried moving with the D, the B would still be invisbly attached holding me back since the Handbrake on the B wouldn't disingauge. And if I reattached the winch ( not same point, didn't test everything) it would still be also invisble attached along side the new attachment. Releasing again didn't fix it I had to switch to a diff truck and then return.

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@DeathCore I saw that long ago but that is kinda limiting request. All we really want is a simple shit up, shit down button that we can also manually choose on the xbox controller, if you can't add it to the controller atleast a keyboard button ..... A up X down like 99.99% new cars games have how hard can it be to add this I mean it is required in a game revolved around mud.(Excluding the option for people with the hardware to do manual shifting with shifters). If I want to shift into second up a hill or even third let me be in charge not some system that sees ohhh wait I must shift the revs are getting a bit high and boom f***s up my hill climb. Is that to much I mean why be that one game that doesn't have this option even euro truck 2 witch is a old game revolved around trucks has this option.

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It's simple why was this feature not in the old game. And to my understanding won't be in the new one either. This is 1 thing we wanted and if it was in the new game we would buy it straight away just for something that small. I'm sure a lot of people feel that this feature should be in the game and not require us to have shifters and steering wheels and all those nice stuff to have a simple feature like this. I mean by the looks of it you guys already have a gear indicator why no sequential shifting ?

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