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100% Agree for the Cancel PsyGate. Playing with a XB controller on PC, the "back" button is most of the time linked to "world maps" in games... pretty strange to put it on the D-Pad Right. Also agree with the Left Stick Run toggle option to fit keyboard behavior.

Adding also :

  • Photo Mode allowing to pause the game if playing solo (or at worst, "preview with no HUD" when I customize my favorites). Yes, I love photo modes in all games.
  • Stay in the Matchmaking Menu if we fail to join or "sorry, full", instead of going back to the Main Menu.
  • In Matchmaking, please fix the scroll bug if using a controller and the list of sessions continues outside the window. It works with the mouse wheel, but the highlight bar moves outside if using a controller without scrolling.
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Well. I was assuming this is related to the skills. However, that would be nice to display the corresponding icon we have when playing as the desription itself is not clear enough to link it to those icons. And to be honest, I do not even know what are those levels and how to unlock them. I see my own level in the progression, but I do not think this is the same level here.

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Playing the Necron Campaign in Coop shows some bugs.

MAJOR: INFINITE LOADING... when finishing a battle, 50% chance to be stuck on the loading screen after "victory" screen.

MINOR: Displays "Deafeat" when you are the guest player while Host has the correct "Victory" screen.

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