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Dode is 100% correct. This has been how the rules have worked since Blood Bowl 3rd edition was released in 1994.

At no point does it say "the Kick-off ends with a catch attempt", it just clarifies where the catch rules are.

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@morten_snow said in The AI board evaluation is a bit too simple:

The mistakes are quite obvious, so hopefully easy to fix 🙂

The AI has been awful since BB1, and hasn't improved much since, and Cyanide have shown little to no inclination to improve it, nor add tools to allow the community to do so.

For example, your point #1 has been reported since BB1 was in beta-testing (if not alpha-testing), so the fact it's still there should tell you something. 😞

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No "naming and shaming", as per forum rules.
You need to PM a Focus/Cyanide person.

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Hell, the ability to rename players has been asked for since the beta of BB1, and they still haven't been able to implement it, so don't hold your breath!

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BB Norse are 'vikings', not a bunch of chaos-wannabes.
They're more interested in drinking beer, looting and pillaging and sailing off into the distance, not collecting "skulls for the skulls god".

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Which is what both Dode and I said...

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Just to check (as I don't know the icons) the Dodge/Stand Firm player doesn't also have Sure Hands?

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@raichuss said in Apothecary displaying Casualty results when used on Injury Table:

Secondly, now you need to bear in mind that an Apothecary can be used in two separate instances - one instance is the injury table (the one that determines if they are knocked down, stunned, KO'd, injured) -

I think this is where your confusion is stemming from - as per the Apo rules dode posted above, the Apo is not used on the Injury roll (stunned, KO'd, Casualty), only on the KO or Casualty itself.

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The Apothecary allows you to re-roll the Injury roll (the D68), not the Casualty roll (the 2D6).

  • So your opponent rolls armour (breaks) - you can do nothing about this.
  • Your opponent rolls for injury (2-7 Stun, 8-9 KO, 10-12 Casualty) - if it's a KO you'll be offered the use of the Apo here to turn it into a Stun.
  • If your opponent gets a casualty, the roll a D68 for type of injury - after this, you will be offered the use of the Apo, which will give a reroll of the D68, ten you can choose which to accept.
  • If either of the casualty rolls (original or reroll) is a Badly Hurt (and chosen) then the player is moved to the Reserves section of the dug-out.

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