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However, they're not using the rules as written, specifically the concession rules, which would have an effect, as the bashy teams couldn't just concede vs another bash team on the first injury (or first failed block in some occasions!)

Add in that the game is not designed for 'leagues' of thousands of players, and the ball is very much in Cyanides/Focus' court if they want to bring in house-rules for their specific environment, something that is encouraged in the rules.

And not much point in suggesting someone go and complain to a webstore.

If BB3 is based off of the BB2016 rules, and they just throw all the teams into massive open 'leagues' then the same problem will happen again.

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Probably got their wrist slapped by GW for breaking the news of a 'revamped'* version of TT BB in 2020 before GW had announced it.

*'revamped' may have been a bad translation.

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Which I guess means that's the end of bug fixes for this version.
Got an issue? Oh well.

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From the Forum rules:

*"Reporting of Suspected Cheating

Suspected cheats are NOT to be named publicly on the boards by forum members. Any post which names suspected cheats will be edited or deleted without notice. Individual leagues may have their own reporting procedure for such actions."*

If need be, PM one of the Cyanide/Focus reps.

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@grumbledore said in Over 70% of Players play the same 5 teams. Please Consider Making More Balances.:

finally bring this up

不 不 不 不 不 不 不

I guess you've not been here long! This has been an issue since BB1 was released, not helped by them never implementing the real concession rules (not the only issue).

Many, many posts about this, on this forum and the ones they've run earlier.

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Because the AI is poor, always has been, always will be.

I mean, it's better than it was (used to put the mino in the backfield to receive the ball, would needlessly dodge players on the LOS away then dodge others back to that position to give an assist), but it's still in no way 'good'.

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  1. You don't pick-up the ball on a Kick-Off, you make a Catch roll, which doesn't get the +1 (as it's not accurate), so that would be correct.
    If you mean it was a pick-up in your turn that you have a point.

  2. There's posts somewhere on this forum on how you need to perform that action (it's not intuitive iirc).

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As per the rules, the Agility table is for 6+, not 6, 7, 8 etc.


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The trial was done by one of Cyanide's biggest detractors, not Cyanide, and the RNG is robust. It was one of the few things he said they didn't screw up.

Sorry, but his millions of test trump's your minor 1000s.

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150 games is not 'more than enough' - you do understand the RNG has been checked for millions of results right?