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As someone that has played both "rez" (tabletop tournaments) and "progression" (tabletop and online) it certainly does make a difference - there are times when as a rez player I will take stupid risks because, in the long-term, it doesn't matter. "So what if I dodge my Ogre into the cage on a 6 - if he fails and dies, he's just back next game." Meanwhile, my progression counterpart has to weigh up the risk of dodging the ogre compared to the risk of not having one for 3-4 games while they save up (especially in MM where there's no end goal).

I'm not saying having a rez league is a bad idea, but the "lets remember that at the pitch level nothing changes" line is completely false.

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@danefield said in Mvp + rank information:

At least the MVP should awarded according to the rules: In the last 4 games I one time had a MVP to a Star Player and twice to a dead player!

Which is as per the rules (remember BB2 is based off the CRP ruleset, not BB2016).

P.26 of the CRP:

Most Valuable Player (MVP): One randomly selected player from each team who was eligible to play during this match, even if he is now dead, is awarded a Most Valuable Player award at the end of the match. A Most Valuable Player award earns the player 5 Star Player points. Mercenaries and Star Players ARE eligible to receive the MVP, and if they receive it, it is lost to the team.

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@kaiserlunwood said in I honestly hate this game [Mostly rant/complaint]:

@Darkson You bring up a lot of good points. I already have an understanding of how Warhammer40k is played, and in comparison the video game did a remarkable job of replicating it.

And this game, for all it's bugs, is a much closer replication of the game of Blood Bowl then any version of video games to 40k (which will show in my further replies).

So statistically, you can do quite literally do everything right in a game, and still only roll skulls.

Yep, just like in the tabletop version.

As a side note, it doesn't help that even when i do win I barely get enough gold to buy anything aside from a few new cheerleaders. 80k Max get you some basic stuff, but its disheartening that i'm going into my next match with less than 11 players because i couldn't afford to replace them.

That's poor team management - you don't have to spend what you earn, you can save it towards better purchases, and as @Koadah said, there is no reason to be playing with less than 11 players.

Add on top of that, The only time someone levels up is about 2 to 3 games in, I just feel like I have to trudge through loads of bullshit before I can get the reward of one dude getting a single extra skill.

Yep, just like the tabetop game.

I like the IDEA of bloodbowl 2, I dislike its execution. It just feels unrewarding, like I have to force myself to enjoy it. "Its alright I've lost a lot of guys, matches, and time. Just how the dice roll sometimes!" Might work in board games, but i feel like we have come along way since the 80s and should push for high quality gameplay.

However, Cyanide have pushed for a accurate digital version of the tabletop game - all your complaints are aimed at the game of Blood Bowl, because that is what this is. BB2 isn't meant to be like Blood Bowl or invoke the atmosphere of Blood Bowl, it is meant to be a faithful reproduction of the tabletop game.

So if Blood Bowl, the tabletop version isn't to your liking then unfortunately you're not going to enjoy BB2.

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I'm guessing you never played table top Blood Bowl before coming to this game, and had preconceptions of what the game was.

Really sounds like you're not a table top gamer (war games or board games) at all.

[Edit] And before you come back with some reply like "it's not the game, it's the RNG", the RNG has been checked and is more random than the average dice that comes in a physical game (war- or board-). I'm sure @VoodooMike or @Dode74 can link you to it if they can be bothered and/or it wasn't deleted in yet another forum move.

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@voodoomike said in Killing the fun, likely I stop playing again :-(:

Because people enjoy the team development process.

Which includes deaths, injuries (career-ending or not) and retirements (either because of ageing rules or just a desire to trim TV).

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Why bother with Rez at all? Why not just allow coaches to "build" their team(s) to whatever TV they want, and then match the teams by TV (or closest TV etc etc). No need to even bother with SPPs, MVPs, Injuries and cash at all.
Just like a (bigger) Resurrection tournament.

A Rez "progression" league is just a poorer version of Progression and Resurrection.

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@hotdogchef said in Killing the fun, likely I stop playing again :-(:

Over a 15 year span I left the game 2-3 times at least because of the deaths. They take the fun away from the game. Please, Cyanide... hear our calls.

Over 30 years the deaths and random mayhem has stopped me leaving the game time and again. Please Cyanide...hear our calls.

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  1. Countries are no more friendly than they are in the WH universe, but Blood Bowl has mostly taken the place of wars.
  2. See #1! ;) Most of the technological/magical advances are towards BB as well (Cabalvision for example).
  4. It is (was) set in the same era as the WFB game, but with it's obvious differences.

Back in 2nd/3rd edition, when GW worried about such things, the winners of the Majors (Blood Bowl, Chaos Cup, Spike and Dungeonbowl) were all set in the real year+500 (so in 2007 it was 2507 in the game). Some of the winners listed in the fluff, from 2503 (so 2003 in the real world) are real tabletop tournament teams that won the GW-run Blood Bowl tournaments.

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@runningdragon said in Mvp + rank information:

I'd rather spin longer and play at closer TV

And you should have that option (as long as it works both ways, so if you only want to play 100TV down you also can only play 100TV up), and Cyanide/Focus dropped the ball after being able to spin multiple teams in BB1.

But that's a completely different thing to making inducements 50/50.

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