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@kaintxu said in Coping with this game:

can someone with some brain tell me who this can happen game after game if it has proven that luck is balanced?

BTW that is half time. lets see how it finishes

Because it's random.
How many times have you rolled a 6 for your 2+ dodges? I wager it will be about the same number of times, but you don't notice that because it doesn't stick in your mind.
Likewise, how many times did you notice the 2+ you made to make that unnecessary dodge? And yet you'll remember the 1 because it gives you a turnover.
How many times do you remember the 1 on the dodge but pass the reroll?
Of course a 1-reroll-1 is memorable. And you won't remember the 6-reroll-6s, because you don't need to make them, but a 6 for an action, followed by a 6 on the next dice roll (whatever that is) is just the same as a 1-reroll-1.

And from the other side, do you remember all the times an opponent rolled a 1-5 on an interception attempt? No, you only remember the time they rolled a 6 (or of course, the 5-6 for AG4 etc).

But because you don't believe that...

Because Cyanide hate you (just you, no-one else) and built a little bit extra into the coding to screw you over all the time. If you look closely in the packaging you'll find a voucher for the tin hat you're missing.

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@isarnwolf said in BB2 2018 - A List of Game Balance and Team Diversity suggestions:

The divine and holy most impeccable BBRC also "tested" Clawpomb.

Which is still not been shown to be a problem, despite the constant whining of pixelhuggers.

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@coachwolfskin said in Ai...:

In BB1 the ONLY difference between the difficulties have been the dice rolls by the AI.

That's not true, there was no difference in the dice rolls (despite what the foil-hat brigade think). It just took more risks on the easier setting, which some people were unprepared for.

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@koadah I hope his foil hat is in the post by now.

I mean,. Cyanide really do hate him.

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After the in-game chat from you posted above, I think you're getting what you deserve, but keep up the whining, it's funny.

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You don't XP for injuries caused by the crowd.

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@morten_snow said in The AI board evaluation is a bit too simple:

The mistakes are quite obvious, so hopefully easy to fix 🙂

The AI has been awful since BB1, and hasn't improved much since, and Cyanide have shown little to no inclination to improve it, nor add tools to allow the community to do so.

For example, your point #1 has been reported since BB1 was in beta-testing (if not alpha-testing), so the fact it's still there should tell you something. 😞

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Which I guess means that's the end of bug fixes for this version.
Got an issue? Oh well.