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-Make the damage reduction scale based on the ship class(1 for LC, 2 for C/BC, 3 for GC and 4 for BS) or depending on how much crew you currently have in the ship.

The damage reduction is already good enough I think.The maximum damage for 1 stack of boarding is 3 without crit and only tyrannids always deal that much damage constantly. Space marine deal 2-3 with a 60% crit to deal 1 more by stack. With a reduction of 3 or 4, you basically make C/BC and BS immune to boarding damage in call to arms. Right now, It's reducing the damage by 25%-33% against heavy boarding faction. It's a pretty big reduction and It's even more effective against faction with bad boardings actions since it can completely negate a stack and make it deal 0.

-Make the debuffs less heavy: shield regeneration slowed by 50%, manouvres available but 50% as effective, ship speed still reduced by 50%, fire rate debuff 50%, keep the stances disabled.

That, I agree. Right now, the debuffs are a little too harsh.

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It's a known issue. In the beta post on steam :

Patch 2 Beta Known Issues

Potential crash in multiplayer with the Grav Cannon (new Adeptus Mechanicus Nova Cannon ammunition)
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Something like Rift shells ? Why not, Differencing nova cannon with other kind of shells could work and help too. Maybe fast shooting Electromagnetic Shells to deactivate systems temporary or Grav shells for the Ark Mechanicus could also work and give them more identity.

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yeah, that's why I wanted to give them another type of torpedoes to give them a little more identity (and adding some ship with torpedo launchers bigger than L.cruiser could also help).
Since the IN have Melta torpedoes and SM boarding torpedoes, I was thinking that a kind of torpedoes specialized in crippling systems could be good (a slowing effect could work too).
The light cruisers could be used to cripple ships so the Cruisers could kite and land Nova canon shot against fast targets more easily.

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Yeah, a slider who give us an option for leadership and fleet value would be nice . For example something like (for max value) :

Normal : Current values
Big : Fleet value : 1200, Leadership : 2400 (so you can field two fleet at same time)
Ultra : Fleet value : 1650, Leadership : Deactivated (always field full fleet. Help if you have a really superior fleet but against same fleet point the big battle are going to be total mayhem)

as a side note, attacking a fully defended system, with only 2 fleets when the enemies can field 3, with the leadership deactivated might be really hard.

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Right now, Ad Mech feel too dependent from the nova canon and their torpedo launcher ships are too weak compared to others because they only use basic torpedoes. I think that giving them vortex torpedoes could help with that and feel ok lore wise since they are supposed to be the one who use high tech weaponry in the Imperium.

Also, the Ark Mechanicus could use a torpedo launcher. Maybe not 8 torpedoes like the Retribution since it's also have a Nova canon but 6 could be good. Right now, it's too weak and it's better to take 2 Tyrant for doubling the use of Nova canon will keeping a good Macro dps.

As for the effect of the vortex torpedo, I don't know. Maybe it could work like eldar torpedo and ignore armor or have double the critical chance so it's better to destroy systems. Probably only one use since they are supposed to be really powerful (and they are supposed to be the rarest type of torpedo).

Of course, price of the ships might be changing in the process since they become more powerful with better torpedoes.

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From the release patch note

Burning Scale ship now properly has 1 launch bay instead of 3

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The reload stance bug is not helping the necrons too since it's their main stance for focus fire a big target. Most of the other fleets can at least use lock-on meanwhile.

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1- I agree that space marine feel a little weak right now. For the boarding, I think that every space marine ship who have a front hangar should also be able to send boarding action in front of them and not just on the flank.
Another possibility could be that space marine could be specialized in surgical strike giving them a big critical bonus to damage specific part of the ships. Where the Tyranids are specialized in killing the crews, space marine could be specialized in heavily damaging parts of the ships.

2- Yeah, It's one of their mechanics but they have a perk to make every cruisers a synapse link if they don't go with a heavy build. Didn't really test them so I can't really say if it's enough.

3- True, but it's also a strength of some factions to have a lot a choice.

4- Agree. Star burst feel too powerful and their regeneration feel really weak right now.

5- Scan from escorts in silent run are really important against them but I agree that Drukari, right now, feel a little too powerful especially if you get your escorts focused at the start of the game. Once you lose them it's pretty much "game over" if the ships don't do suicide run into you.

6- It would be a nightmare to balance if every sub faction add special option but I think the Space Marine who have pretty specialized chapters should be one of the faction who could use that.
Like chaos fleet aligned on a god, it's easy to recognize their color scheme and know their specialization from that.

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The beta launch steam VR like if the game was a VR game.

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