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“I don't believe I ever saw an Oklahoman who wouldn't fight at the drop of a hat -- and frequently drop the hat himself.”
― Robert E. Howard

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You cant. You have to kill it and recreate it

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What do you mean exactly? What's the OS? You need a PC (running windows), a Mac (using Mac OS) or a console to run BB2 and that includes for making league competitions. The mechanics are handled within the client. Of course you can always organize any which way you like, but something like an Ipad or Kindle Fire won't run BB2.

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Beantown is a Boston based league. Our rules have undergone a simplification so if you are looking for an East Coast US time zone based league, we might be the place for you. We have coaches that vary from new players to veterans and all backgrounds are welcome.

Season 9 has 3 weeks left and it's a good time to start investing in ladder matches to build your team.

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Humans are good enough. "Enough" being the operative word. They aren't supposed to be great. They are meant to be a middling team that does fine for awhile. Mission successful.

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I thought the ball WAS a graphical flourish... damn. Such oversight...

So the thing about kill chaos... it's what they do and it takes awhile to get there, so don't begrudge them their MO when they finally level up because we don't begrudge the Wardancer his starting skills.

As to a diversified Chaos team; in general that is a path to rubbish. It's all fine and good if it interests you and that's great, go have fun and make the team however you want. But If you are going to win reliably, you need the appropriate amount of kill on the roster and should avoid strategies that take you too far astray from that. An AG goat is great, you do need one ball handler afterall, but there is no good reason to go whole hog on a raft of strange, multilimbed big appendaged goats. This is just wasted TV where you can easily focus on guard in addition to the kill and be a robust Chaos team that is not only feared but effective. You are not an elf, you are a goat. Be the goat. Block, sure hands, AG bonus, dodge on doubles, that's all it takes. Leave the foul appearance and disturbing presence to Nurgle, and if you simply must have that on your roster, go play Nurgle!

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The Beantown ticket was won by Mr Light!!!0_1527943742136_BBBsmall.png

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There might still be some private leagues that still do this, but in my experience, the players get bored of elfball. If you join a private league in general though, you will see more variety than you see in the open ladders. I think in Beantown right now, among 22 people in the main competition, we only have 1 nurgle, 1 chaos, and two chaos dorfs.

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