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make maps randomly go dark. I mean, kill the ♥♥♥♥ing lights. What kind of space hulk has all lights/candles burning? Make corridors DARK. Only light coming from terminator suits, and gun fire. Makes game feel more distressing and epic, and firefights in narrow corridors look damn awesome when suit lights and gun muzzle fire revealing the approaching hordes.

That one gunsight that allows you to see in low light would finally be useful.

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I had this idea of adding other patterns of terminator armor for players to earn through events. For example: the Mechanicus contacts the player and asks them to retrieve some data in a section of the space hulk. After collecting this, they're informed that one of the vessels belonged to the Iron Hands and may still contain some old sets of Cataphractii Pattern armor. Following this is a series of missions having the player retrieve various parts of the armor scattered throughout the ship (Chest, Legs, Helm, Etc.) to reconstruct a full set. Once completed, the armor can be swapped between the new set and the default set, including it's own skins (Perhaps have a couple special skins for the new armor that can be earned through special tasks during the event).

This is just a random idea I had and wanted to suggest to the devs.