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Healing teammates should contribute to the Helping Hand stat at the end of co-op mode. I've only played as healer, and there's no way to show my teammates how effective I was.

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There always seems to be a small window to leave games when in lobbies. And I don't really like leaving games when I've joined the game. Why when I'm in the class selection or character selection screen, can't I just press Esc to go to a leave game menu? Rather than waiting until I've joined the game, just to leave. I've been in a few games in which once it's started, 1 or 2 players leave for this reason.

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My friend came round to watch End Game last night. In the morning he wanted to play games, so I showed him WWZ.

However, he just watched to jump straight into killing hundreds of zombies, without having to play through cuts scenes and flicking switches.

Safe to say, he probably won’t be buying the game anytime soon.

When he did finally reach the huge pileup of zombies, he loved how overwhelming it was. He was pretty taken back. But didn’t like the fuss to get there.

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I've thought about weapon skins and character skins, and this would be a good way to do that.

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I like this too. Would it be interesting to have that when you die, you become 1 of the "special" zombies? If you choose a smaller character, which I tend to do, you become a stalker. If you choose a medium sized character, maybe a hazmat/screamer. And if you choose a larger character, you become a Bull.

Obviously you wouldn't suddenly put on a riot suit, or a hazard suit. But maybe you have green haze emitting from you. Or you walk slower and stompier as a Bull? Obvious creepers crawl.

I don't think you should earn anything from this, however, it would be fun. And you get to cause problems for your enemies.

This could be a potential test for doing Zombies vs People PVP.