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@JawRippa I agree, there far too many skills/upgrades that feel mandatory, and in general the meta for the game is just cruiser spam, even the factions that have tons of choice tend to just be the same builds, or slight variations

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im sure they will add a larger points option for private matches or vs AI fairly soon, maybe even with titans available.
But they wont ever add it for ranked MP, simply because a fair number of people struggle to run 2v2 with 1k fleets already, thats why its in beta still because they are asking people to rate the technical performance ever each match to find out if its ok with everyone or at least the majority before replacing 600 points 2s entirely.
I do think there should also be an option in campaign to set maximum leadership values yourself, but keep individual fleet capacities around 1-1.2k

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I know what you mean about the transfer troops thing, you just lose the troops instantly again to fires etc, i think however this is a good thing, what the mechanic isnt there to just let you avoid hulks constantly, it should be used as a way for ships to reclaim a hulk when its safe to do so, think of the number of times you fight space marines, and they hulk your ship but just leave it to come continue the fight since they dont have great firepower and cant kill it remotely quick enough most of the times, you can send an escort to go re-crew it when its safe.

Even a an eldar main, Corsairs for the vast majority, i already suggested/commented on reworking the pierce weapon system, i did not like that as an eldar with 50 armor, i was at zero disadvantage considering all lances/ordnance etc count armor as 50 anyway, and everyone uses AP rounds so even macros do as well, It didnt feel right to be that i could take AP rounds as eldar and shave 33 armor off a battleship while he, even with ap rounds, got zero benefit on me. High armor should have benefit and low armor should have a downside, i like this change, even tho it realy hurts my main faction.

I also believe a nerf on Asuryani was merited, however i feel like the pendulum swung too far, they needed a nerf to their torpedoes, but nerfing to 1 charge is too much, and doesnt necessarily fix the issue. Players dont like losing 1/2 ships in the opener, that will still happen with 1 charge. I would have much rather seen it reduced to 6 per volley and a price icnrease to 251 or higher, so you can only have 4 in 1v1 and only 3 in 2v2.

I also feel like the reason asuryani torp spam in particular was such a thing, is because there were zero other options for a cwe player. Launch bays for them are way too expensive for their worth, lascannons are too good not to take, since pulsars occupy the same slot for most ships, eg you either get lascannons with launch bays/torps or you get pulsars with torps/launch bays, are no ships with only pulsars and lascannons. The torpedo ship is also the cheapest so why not. If they nerfed the torps in a less brutal fashion and made other options more viable that would been much better imo especially more ship options since currently even with the 1 charge, the torp cruisers are still going to be all you will see on asuryani players which is just boring for both sides.

Pulsars, +5 damage.. i mean come on damage was not the problem, while sure ill take it, the issue with pulsars was targeting, and not seeing the cooldown making them pure guess work and random chance most of the time, thats what needs to be fixed on them to not only make them more enjoyable to use, but also give a viable alternative to torpedo builds. Plus, pulsars feel wasted to me a lot of the time, none of the stances give them benefits, if you take one of the light cruisers for example that have pulsars and torps, you get zero benefit from runic stance, and just the normal cooldown reductions on the torpedoes, reload stance should apply to pulsars IMO, or at least do something to them to make them not feel like they are missing out. AFIK they are the only weapons in the game that dont benefit from any stance whatsoever.

Overall, fix the pulsars targeting, and add a cruiser option that just has starcannons and pulsars on it, yes there is the eclipse etc but its too expensive but it has ordnance as well, i mean a ONLY star cannons and pulsars, a pure firepower non ordnance type like the Dark Eldar have.

Which brings me to my next point.

The Dark eldar, you can take one minute to search the forum and you will see that no faction has been complained about more than them and yet they got ZERO nerfs.

People complained about the CWE torps being OP, and thats true, well you know DE have the same torpedoes on their battleship? which is still fast, isnt much more expensive. Has better troop efficiency with a higher assault crit chance than space marines(surgical strike +frenzy), and last but not least has stealth.. I mean sure the CWE torps were ridiculous and needed a nerf, but at least you saw their ships coming. DE can blindside you from nowhere with the same amount of damage. If your gonna nerf CWE torps to 1 charge the same needs to be done to DE, and in general DE need a price increase for all their battleships except the carrier (why are aeldari launch bays so damned expensive??) an increase to at least 380, so they can still get 3 of them in 1v1 with little left over, but not 3 in 2v2.

General comment, before you smack stuff with the nerf bat so hard our heads spin, please consider why people only take those builds in the first place, make other options more viable. I dont play enough of the other factions to comment on their changes.

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because the first one wasnt enough apparently 😛

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Nope, cease fire, aiming at target and with it set as priority one is still random, its just broken atm

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we arent asking for a buff lol what are you talking about, we just wanna be able to see the reload and for them to actually hit what we want them to, not asking for them to buff the damage or anything

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Check my post on fixing pulsars, tbf i do think maybe the cruisers could be reduced to 6 torps, with maybe a 10 points cost reduction to help compensate.
Bare in mind that CWE do not have any stealth mechanic on their cruisers like other eldar have, so you can see them coming a long way off, especially if you are screening ahead with escorts or fighters, thats what makes them risk/reward, you can see them coming, you can take plenty of shots at them before they get to you, and you can orient your ships to present the smallest targets and be ready to dodge/have fighters out.
The CWE torps are by no means unavoidable, overlapping turret fire especially with some fighters out will kill a lot of them, if you arent able to dodge. In order to make sure they get as much effect as possible they are firing at very close range, meaning you get to board them, which they are vulnerable to, take out the generators and they are done.
But as i said in my Puslars post, the problem is torps are the only competitive builds for eldar atm, pulsars are unreliable as hell, and the launch bays for eldar are insanely expensive

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I appreciate that your post is well thought out with suggestions and not just screaming about eldar like most people 🙂
There are some issues with stealth but i dont know how it could be helped, i mean if you have a sure fire way to force a stealth faction like corsairs to fight you then its very one sided, corsairs cannot rly win a straight up engagement, takes multiple hit and runs etc.
And then there are factions that have no issue catching stealth factions, but i agree that it makes taking GC/BS for some factions a big handicap when fighting them which is why i think most competitive builds tend to be mostly cruiser spam, which with AAF etc can catch even corsairs quite easily.

I do like your king of the hill idea and think that could work, maybe something like, after a certain time in the match, 5 minutes maybe, 1 or 2 cap points become king of the hill style, granting double points if you sit on it, but only for line ships,(maybe only cruisers and above?) and those points have perma stealth reveal around it so you cant sit on it in stealth either. This i think would give more brawler type builds a way to beat fast stealth factions without making it unfair for the latter.

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nah they need a long cooldown or they just become lances.
What id like to see ideally, is making it a weapon ability like game 1, just like torps or launch bays, but with a right click "set to auto fire" function or something like that, so that if you want supreme control, you can have it.
Id also fix the arc so that while it can hit 10 degrees in front, it will focus on whatever is closest to dead straight first, so then when doing the turn ability which lets you pick your orientation you can be fairly sure what you are going to hit. I would also fix prioritisation in general, if you do a 180, and 3 enemies are within the arc, if you have one of those enemies set to priority 1 then that is the only ship that should get hit.

Even with cease fire, turning, facing the enemy i want dead straight, then releasing hold fire, it still just hits whatever is in the arc randomly, even with priority set on the target.

Theres no shortage of people complaining about eldar "melee torp cancer" builds, and i agree. So how about actually making pulsar builds workable, and maybe not have launch bays so damned overpriced for eldar in general so torpedo builds arent the only competitive option

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all i want, is to see the cooldown and to have control over what it fires at.
Even with hold fire, turning around, clicking on the ship i want to hit with frontal firing mode active, when i release hold fire it STILL fires randomly at everything in its path. No wonder hardly anyone uses them except for the battleship since its long range and easier to manage, but pulsar builds in general are just bad. How are you supposed to make use of a focused sniper style weapon when it hits random targets that each just take a hit to shields that will regenerate.