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If there is one thing I would change in this entire game it would be that every single time I leave a match I get put right back into to it. I have joined a game, left, then got put back into it, then left again, and then put into it again. How many times do I have to leave a match before the match making system realizes I don't want to be in that match. Please make it so you can opt out of being put into games you've already left.

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LMGS are far too overpowered I have been in many many engagements in cqb and medium to long range and I have never been killed so many times by a weapon even despite the fact that I saw the target first and fired first. I have been randomly sprayed through walls so many times it is ridiculous. At this point using anything besides LMGS is so infuriating. Unless I am playing the game 100% defensively it is nearly impossible to succeed. I tend to find that defensive play is the best way to combat LMGS because of their slow speed but even then it is not a guarantee because of their raw power.