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challenge accepted. Gimme an hour or two to free disk space and record it.
inb4: it's possible to get B6a and c256 from starting point to garage location,
BUT on their own chasis and without those "doghouses".

A-tiers are rather luck based, due to floating in streams with stalled engine and very few shallow enough waters.
It was possible to get "on other side" with b130 back in OldTires by placing it in slot with utility semitrailer - added weight on rear axle with available diff. lock and "not so thick" water were great help in getting over that. In MR B130 is on it's own chasis, without diff. lock.

Edit 04, summary: I've actually managed to cross waters on stripped B130. Must be "Ridge" update's wheel tweaks. C256 had more struggle than usual, but also reached north island with 2 randoms. B6A has been decently plowing through until I've failed at some point. Had to edit that out primarily because YouTube and my browser had hard time uploading raw material and I did better in another video anyways.
Proof B130, C256
Successful B-6a attempt. This is latter video, after a dozen of retries, because tractor is either drowned thanks to engine in it's asscenter of mass and turned over on fallen trees also due said center of mass.
Proof B-6a

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  • "Tire pressure": this game still can't get decently tweaked vanilla wheels in the first place.

  • "Manual log loading": It would be that way, but people that good at manual loading are in minority as I observed. Also maximum spawned logs are limited to about 13 - creator tries to keep games requirements as low as possible and buggy physics engine may go haywire with that much of logs.

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This damage isn't tied to location or map or even any specific mod.
This is those friggin' U-holders on truck's bed. They are waaaaay too brittle. I've been FUBAR my trucks due to one of them just scratch a tree.

Look closely: U-holder on truck's bed isn't aligned properly - it clips throgh logs. Any wrong move of cargo and it will break your truck. Same may happen even on pure game, if one manage to load same way on some stock stuff.

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@zoglet said in It's a shame:

I wonder what "Boom Ouch" is in Cyrillic?


Translit: Бум ауч
Translat: Бум (бух) ой...
бух ой... бухой... =drunk
You knew that, aren't you?

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@8up-local said in Rock crawling fer days:

@blueice so many people underestimate the capabilities of the stock vehicles so much. nice to see you or anyone also pushing the stockers beyond what people "think" they can do. lol

Hey, me too doing 375-barrel as scout-crawler! 🙂

I'm not doing screenshots much, but I have some to share.
My topic: when your "winch-un" skill is on "reflexes" levels

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This community think that "they" had enough time to shit with/in OldTires.

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@oh-trials said about Unload Log Juggle in Suggestion: new way to spend utility, fuel. And logs:

It is currently possible to unload from the trailer and not from the truck, though it takes a bit of unconventional thinking etc.

I know that method, but disappearance of log or two by unpacking batch way back in SpinTires still giving me pains, so I'm not even dare to try that in MR. I was suggesting to do this obviously simple trick without dances with tambourine.

About resource spending: statistically (I'm talking about my own experience)
there's situations like that are too rare to bother implementing "exact ammount" in near future with current game engine. Current "portion" system for fuel is okay - it does draw every 100 L if current amount is less than half of capacity or if it not enough to fill targeted fuel tanks. In most cases dedicated C-truck with fuel cistern is enough for most runs and it's not that often to spend one full barrel in one game, especially if playing casual mode. When it does dry - it was because of involvement of 8x8 rigs or very long, inefficient runs.

Repairs has own feat to be added as small repair kit (120 points in most cases). Lots of mods are sinful for having packed by "little repairs" in every addon. If your truck is burning this little one may or may not improve things - usually I use that to extinguish truck (to get damage below 70%) or make it move coughing for emergency trip for some repairs. And again - if you managed to seriously FUBAR your vehicle - either leave it, drag it to garage or get dedicated truck with repairs.
P.S. If I have to bring repairs to my truck, the first thing I thinking about is questioning my own driving skills.

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There's lot of memes and legends about real life C255 a.k.a. KrAZ-255 and it's relatives.
One of them include that when power steering on truck is malfunct, driver have to place feet on dashboard to steer that thing. Or even need help of passenger if one happen to be present there.

I see people from overseas forgetting that game has 60s–late 80s mass produced, mostly military, SOVIET trucks (6x6, 10+ metric tonnes of curb weight), which mean that they are likely lacking a lot of fancy stuff that are mundane for Americas and West Europe.

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@kingpinn It IS scrollable. Check out beta version.

@Sodoma 1. This is strictly on creator's volition: if resource pack is published – then this is automatically mean permission. Also if people start using these packs for mapmaking - credits is given by installing required RP. Similar was with tracked vehicles in OldTires - you likely seen who made that ST+.

Still, people may create conflicting packs by/or stealing each other's, I'm not excluding this possibility. Solution for this may be "community resourse pack" compiled on this very forum (on different section though) and updated under supervision of people involved (creators, CMs). This way all parties will be sure about all permissions, contributions and credits given. Yes, it will be headache, but couple buckets of vitriolic salt less in long term.

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Rather than showing off achievements themselves, may be we should show HOW they are obtained? Because I hate that eksbawks dude

Youtube Video – [40:50..]

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Game's motto used to be "Don't get stuck!".

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@zoglet said in Fix 'Insta-Destruct' (XBox One):

Well spotted. i’ll have to check if that’s the case next time. I suppose a ‘drop load’ and repack might at least stop it repeating but I doubt i’ll ever be able to catch it going fubar before it happens, it’s visually too subtle and you tend to be busy watching other things.

If it packed properly on the first time - it will stay that way and bars are clearly visible when packed properly (see bars on cart).
If you've got clipping - repack ASAP.

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Selectable paintjobs as done as was with tires in ST: because these multicolored rows of same kind of shit is getting annoying.

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I'd like to implement "reconnection" part without adding people to "friends" first - for now the only way to join started session is via friend (invite or connect yourself)
In my plays the was quite a few situations when you actually got decent team in random and after an hour or so you disconnected for whatever reason, but your save file is intact. At this point you have add more people in "friends" list (w/o guarantee that people will add you), just continue and play alone (so what was reason to go MP in the first place) or throw away that progress.

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You're awesome dude! I've had to ditch some quality mods to pinpoint the bug and I was blaming trucks. Turns out it was a map. Now I have to be more careful around maps.

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Actually "scavenge" sites were in editor long before this update - some WS maps has both black('scavenge") and white("spawn") kiosks prior "Ridge" update. It was matter of time to implement that.
Speaking of exploring map. Recent update tweaked wheels and gearboxes. Guess what? ZAZ-968m now can actually get over 4th gear and even keep 30 km/h uphill on asphalt road there. And if avoid laying branches, it fun to drive on those ridges. Too bad, they removed loader from 65115.

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@grubdumpling Seconding on 1967deuce. Both has all kinds of "common" obstacles and are flexible in planning your route. (though Downhill is rather limmited in "delivery" phase, but everything else is good for practicing).

I'd also recommend the "Coast" (the old ST version), but current "Seashore" got some nasty places to stuck, where even best C-tiers having trouble to get over it so it require prior knowledge of map to avoid said places.

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Pay attention to button hints at screen's bottom, if it's enabled.
You have to hold "select" button ("A" for Xbox or Xinput compatible gamepad) when in "crane opeating" mode. The very same button you pressed to start operating crane.