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Well, I've been digging a little and found some cool machinery from US transporting logs. I don't remember where, but @Sodoma posted something about not being able to confirm if retired US military trucks are used in america for the logs industry:


On the other hand, I'm aware of the offroad capabilities of Russians beasts, but these babys make me wanna hope into more US maps with some new gameplay mechanics. I'm glad devs included USA enviroments into the game.


This one is pretty much like a Kraz 256

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@Stazco Yo, Stazco! stop trying to pick girls up in the forums!! 😛

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@Mexican_420 Nice!!!! thanks a lot míster! Back to work! 😛

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@Forces So, I've been working a lot on my model and I'm enjoying the hell out of it, but, I encountered an issue. In my Blender status bar, I already have Tris: 21.418 which is more than what you told me. There are still a lot of things to add and most of it are just placeholders.
My question is: 18K meshes limit, is reffering to each mesh inside the truck? like, for example, if I have a mesh for the cabin and other for the chasis, each one can have 18K poligons? Sorry, it might be a silly question but I really have no clue whatsoever.
I'll leave you a pic of my current model so you can see how it's comming up together. (wheels, addon and suspension are just placeholders and will be completely redone in more detail later.)


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@Unster Me too. I played it before a long time ago with a friend's account, but I did not own it. I purchased it because of the beta (and the low price), but they'll have to keep it going. I'm also fine with paid DLCs as long as they bring something new to the table. I'm also fine with they jumping on developing ST2 after they polish this one enough.

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@Unster said in MudRunner vs. SpinTires:

@justinlynch3 Maybe one day they will, but I'm sure at the moment they're focused on the PC version which is still in dev, hopefully.

I'm afraid this is true. I'm totally sure (and I've said it before) that they are pushing out this update to regain customers trust but in the short future, they will find a way to make some money out of the game. Whether its DLCs, console port, ST2, who knows, but they ain't doing it for free. That's for sure.

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@rufus I allways thought this is a "Welcoming" and well behaving group. I keep coming back to this forums even when I step aside from MR and go play other games. In part it is because it's relatively small, so at this point, it feels like I already know everybody.

Anyways, I feel a lot like you, so, I'm happy to have you onboard.

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@jackwyatt5556 I'd like to hear news as well, but probably they don't have any. Besides, we all know by now, this is their way of doing things. They only unveil stuff when they are close to releasing. At this point, I gave up on trying to get something from them. Let us hope that the wait is worth it.

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@Unster ST devs are teasing a new B130 which looks good. I'm no fan of this truck because of how badly behaves in the game, but hey, it's more content, right?. In the other hand, they have teased which looks like a boat or some sort of water transport. But, man, I can't help feeling that somehow, ST has a poor finish. Somewhat like mods, you know? Like it does not have a proper quality control with a clear vision of what is expected from a professional studio. For example, the rain they implemented is awful. I know they are working on it, but clearly, it is far from good enough to be "beta released" IMO. The new textures are good, but I feel like they don't fit together. The Dirt road texture does not look like a trail anymore. It has better color, yes, but the tracks on it are kinda nonsense. The fog has been pushed away, uncovering the limited draw distance of the engine, and so on.

I think, they are either pushing out things too early or their leader is way too inexperienced.

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@Unster Thanks for the heads up! I've not been playing a lot lately, but I'll definitely try it out.