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@hydrowasul said in American Wilds Update 27/12/2018:

@unster it has dynamic shadows on the vehicle you're currently in and static models, and only from static lights and the "sun". the vehicle's lights don't cast shadows and other vehicles that you're not using don't either. i'm sure it can be worked into the current engine, but that requires it to be updated and recoded.
and the 64 bit as absolutely needed, because you can see the engine working already on the limit regarding memory usage when using mods with higher res textures, especially in multiplayer.
and yes, a 64 bit OS can run 32 bit applications, but they're limited to use 2GB of memory only

Totally with you on this! well said.

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Does anyone knows the day and time when "Focus What's Next" event will take place? Is there any way to see it live?

I'm asking because we are supposed to get news of Mudrunner 2 on this event.

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@kingnightshadow Let's hope we hear some news of MR2 in February as they have said.

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Wow! it's looking great! A bit slow though. Should be one or two guys working on it after their regular jobs. Damn shame. I hope he completes it some day.

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Happy holidays for you mate! thanks for taking the time and posting!

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Wow!!! nice!!! Good job!

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@percymarina As per create a new plant, I'd look into SpeedTree software. Adding it to the map editor... that's a whole new story.

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@kingnightshadow Yes. I'm hoping they use a whole new or reworked engine. I'll never support developers reusing the same engine and calling the game a sequel. If it's the same engine then it's just an expansion of the same game. That's it.

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@justinlynch3 said in Mudrunner 2:

Yea some prices are high. A lot of the time I just log on and do some stuff while screwing around, but hey even I make like a 100k out of a play session (which takes no time) I'm happy. So what if it takes a few months to get a car that way? In most race classes older and cheaper cars like the Zentorno still hold up well enough, so not like you need everything day 1.

That said I do I agree Rockstar has let their greed blind them, I certainly wouldn't want that kind of pricing model in Mudrunner. But as I said, a more balanced system in regards of pricing might not be bad.

Currency in of itself isn't bad, it's how the dev's implement it that would make it good or bad.

Having goals in a game and something to work towards can greatly extent a games life. It's when dev's push that to far however is when things turn bad.

Totally agree with ya. It would add a goal to work towards. Currently, after playing for so much time Spintires & Mudrunner, I got tired of goofing around. I think I basically did everything that can be done in this game and tried every mod out there. If Mudrunner 2 does not have a structured goal with a currency system and all that (Story would be awesome), I really doubt I'll do the same again just because it packs whatever new features or graphics in it.
I really need Objectives as part of a story or a bigger thing. I don't like games where you have to play just because.

Then you can always keep the "Sandbox Mode" where players that don't like Currencies etc, can keep doing what they're doing.

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