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@lombra said in MudRunner 2 Speculation/Suggestions:

We have a highly unique product, and I don't like using this phrase, but I would hate to see its uniqueness get compromised in order to cater to more casual players. (ie bring in more money)

Totally agree. A good example is making the mud easier which is exactly what the devs did. Hopefully MR2 uses realistic physics and it isn't dumbed down for casual players. If it is, I won't have any interest in playing it, no matter how nice the trucks look.

I'm fully with you guys, but you have to understand that simplifying things or making them less realistic for the sake of the casual player and adding gameplay mechanics to the game, are both different things. Of course I dont want the mud to be easier, nor harder. I just want it to be as realistic as possible. To behave as close to real life as possible, then the difficulty has to come from level design.

But I also want the devs to add things to the game. As many as they want. Not dumbing it down or making it arcadey. Just adding things and polishing the already existing ones so we can all enjoy them and see MR grow.

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@sodoma said in MudRunner 2 Speculation/Suggestions:

@deathcoreboy1 I see your point.
It is probably my bad, because when I hear "customisation", image that pops up in my mind is like this (modified in accordance to a game)
So I apologize for that.
On the other hand, (usually american) 4x4 with misfitting tires kinda falls in that category (for me)...

I was playing right now with a lifted Ford F-150 from 1972 I think and though of our conversation. I meant something like this:

0_1556067009030_Sin título.jpg

0_1556067030993_Sin título2.jpg

How do you feel about this truck?

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@zamal @Sodoma This is a screenshot of my system runing mudrunner on highest settings;

0_1556065559045_Sin título.jpg

I don't see MR2 being able to consume the rest of my CPU, GPU or RAM. BTW, it's running from the drive G: which is an NVMe SSD.

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@thedeestroyer said in New info:

"Among the novelties of this game, we also note interiors of vehicles modeled with a lot of realism for each vehicle, larger and more varied maps including driving on snow in Siberia or in the heart of the steep forests of Michigan, and ... a brand new physics engine!"
"We were able to witness the loading of bricks and barrels in a mission that should last, according to the developers, no less than 40 minutes!"


Oh shit! @zamal bor, check this out! This conflicts and possibly solves the "simplified cargo loading" issue.

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@zamal mmm, I think I've seen lisenced vehicles get damaged in other games in the past... I'll have check tho.

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@sodoma hahahha I love how you interpreted the las icon!

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@zamal thanks bro. I'll give it a try.

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Guys, I was looking at one of the screenshots and there is something I don't seem understand.


These icons seem like the damage system would be localized between different parts of the vehicle!? Could it be? but it says "Functions" so... what's that supposed to mean? Like you could brake different parts of the truck deppending of what kind of damage it received. (sort of BeamNG.Drive)

Would be fantastic if they do that and in order to repair a, let's say, deflated tire, you'd have to purchase a spare one from the store at the town and take it to your garage (or wherever your truck is) in your pickup truck.
I mean, havin some sort of stock that you can purchase and transport from the local store to your garage to fix any broken piece you may have.

Of course, when you first start the game you won't have a garage of your own and you will have to visit the local workshop (or tow your vehicle there) and pay extra for the workforce. 😃

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@unster @zamal @8x8 Any good map, set up in america that you can reccomend for mudrunner? Doesn't have to be super hard. Instead I'd love one with looots of new 3d assets and variety to explore. And most important, it has to be believable. No crazy shit please haha.

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