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@Sodoma I'd say: try it out! I was surprised by how much better it behaves after modifying the xml with @Unster values

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Actually, what @Unster says is true. He has archived a pretty good mud behavior making shallow mud easier to go through and deep mud harder. It's a pretty good experience and has changed the game for me. In vanilla game, even the tiniest puddle, slows you down as it's glue lying on the floor.

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@hydrowasul Never heard of this software. Thanks for pointing me on that direction. I'll do a little research and report back! BTW, in ATS i did not use any third party software. I just used a few command lines on the console to duplicate the view in the second monitor and then rotate it to match the angle. doing it this way, avoid the image to be distorted on the corners because of the FOV. Instead, it uses a separated FOV for each monitor.

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First, the screenshots that I'm gonna post, are not mine. I got them from the internet to demonstrate my point.

So I got a second monitor yesterday and set up my American Truck Simulator after a fair amount of tweaking and research. I was super duper exited to try MudRunner and BOOM!! I got (of course) this:

(The black stripes represent the monitor's frame edges.)

As you guys can see, it's unusable, but I really want to take advantage of my second monitor and I can't afford a third one right away.

Do any of you know a way to "offset" the camera so it's centered on one of the monitors and the other one is just for periferal view? like this example below:


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@RiskyWisky I'm on Chrome at work but I use Firefox at home. I just cleared the cache and will try these couple of things you suggested. Thanks a lot. I'll be back with feedback.

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Know what? I saw yesterday a post on facebook about MudRunner making its way to XBox Game Pass, and, man... the comments! people hit hard on Mudrunner, even calling it a failure and a scam. And I mean, almost every comment I saw, was like this... We, in this forums love mudrunner, but ¿What happens in the outside? IDK, but probably, devs are scared because whenever they try to advertise anything about MR, they get bombarded from all fronts. You know, like that scene of "King Lion" when Rafiki hit Simba with the stick and then tried to hit him again and he dodged... MR team is probably preconditioned.

This game has always generated these kinds of reaction. People get so involved that end up heartbroken and heating when they see it does not go the way they wanted.

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@RiskyWisky Hi Risky! Thanks a lot for your willing to help. I'm still having the issue. For example, today I had like 4 notifications, but it only showed me a "1" icon as if I only had one new notification. Dunno, it's pretty weird behavior. Let me know if you need me to do any test or if you need info.

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@justinlynch3 LMAO! your cricket made my day!! hahaha

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@Unster I tested it on the weekend and it works perfectly! Even with mod trucks and scout vehicles, the mud seems to behave way better. I'm happy with it for now. Thanks a lot, míster! you've done a great job!

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It's been a few days since the forum is not showing me the notifications number on the bell icon.



I open the page and there are no notifications, but if I click the bell icon, I see there are new unread notifications.