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To the Men of Mars that maintain our relics of wrath,

Since it has no actual effect on cooldowns, I beseech thee, allow us to utilize our most sacred of ornaments, The Corzius Arcanum, alongside whatever messenger of destruction that we chaplains desire, as I Chaplain Christos, grow tired of only being able to use my mace and as a result have not been able to make the enemy of mankind PROPERLY REPENT FOR DARING TO CROS-bolded text


I beg of you Men of Mars, allow us to have the ability to wield or most holy of relics so that I, and the fiery machine spirit that dwells in this armor, can be completely satisfied when wreathing the enemies of mankind in holy fire and plasma.

Chaplain Christos of the Emperor's First Legion.

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Just wondering why because it looks so awesome to have on your off hand but since I use the spear of caliban, i cannot use it. Which is weird considering (as far as i know) it has no special properties.

Could we maybe have it to where we can use it with other ranged weapons?

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I don't understand why I can't use the amazing looking weapon plus a heavy weapon since instead i just use the mace which is literally the same size.

Is it because it does something like lower cooldowns?

I REALLY hope they can just let us use it with the heavy weapons as it is the literal calling card of the Chaplains, and what is a chaplain without his favorite repent stick?

An Angrier Chaplain