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I think bipod mounting is finicky and needs to be made smoother or more obvious.

Sometimes you need to crouch to mount, sometimes you need to stand, sometimes you can't mount at all. I don't know how many times I've died trying to mount my LMG while behind sandbags or a broken wall. I stand, I crouch, I turned around, I shift my position, spamming the mount button the whole time, and just as I found the sweet spot and mount my gun, I die.

I think this game needs some kind of indicator that you can, in fact, mount your gun. Maybe some kind of animation while you're in the sweet spot or maybe a little icon that denotes your in the sweet spot kind of like when you open a door. Maybe the icon would be best because it could be a better medium at indicating whether you need to stand or crouch to mount.

Either way, I think it'd be useful to have.

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Toxic and racist (not going to touch troll because that exists in every multiplayer game) behavior is the most troubling thing for you in an 18+ game where you can blow the smithereens out of some guys head with a click of a mouse button and visually see the bits and pieces of the head fall to the ground in a gory, semi-realistic way and even hear the /r/morbidreality level screams?


This may be a video game and because of that you may conflate the community to be as family friendly as Super Smash Bros Ultimate or Super Mario Party's community as those games are also video games, but it isn't. The game's not family friendly and it's not rated E for everyone, why do you expect the community to be as well?

Personally, I can't figure out who or what else you're trying to protect other than yourself and your altruistic ego, and for that, you can use the mute button or turn off comms rather than try to report or ban other players you don't want to hear. And that's all it is, you don't want to hear them and you believe other people don't want to hear them. Let those people decide for themselves by also choosing to mute or turn off comms, you can even tell them yourself and feed your altruistic ego that way.