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No Force Feedback fix for consoles?
I am very disapointed .... the programmers are not able to fix these problems in MR1. I will not believe them, if the say again: "All PS4 licensed Wheels are supported in Mudrunner 2"

bye, bye Focus Games

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My Fanatec "CSL Elite Racing Wheel - officially licensed for PS4™" has no Force Feedback in Spintires:Mudrunner.
Please fix this bug. Thank you.

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..... but after saving and reloading the game, all the hard work is for nothing!
All the rocks are back on the track !

That's not funny! 😞

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Map: Mount Logmore

Using the Skidder blade and the winch to push annoying little rocks of this little muddy track close to the sawmills. Now the Western Star makes it to the top without the winch 🙂

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