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I love this game but there is a Problem. I need to Play the Game actually on 720p (1680x1050) with mixed settings of Medium and Low to get almost Stable 60 FPS. I got an i7 6700 with an GTX 960 4GB and 8 Gigs of RAM. And no its not the Hardware because Games like BF V are no Problem on 1080p High Settings.

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At first i wanna that i already love this game. Keep your great work up. But i would like to see that you improve the Gore System. In my opinion its not authentic enough. If a soldier get his legs ripped off by a grenade he need to scream. Maybe take a look at Rising Storm 2 Gore System. If a soldier get hit by a nade or napalm theyre screaming the sh** out of them^^ That would be add much more realism to this game.