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Iam an Arena FPS shooter gamer who really fall in love with DayZ. And after some broken things in game what makes me Pi**ed off i just leave that game and when everyone start love BR and PUBG i was that one who said .. i will never play this ... cuz its civilians versus Civilians ... preparing on War in real world . i just spend more then 1k hours into Battlefield 4 as a Soldier Medic i was one of the most Valuable peoples who revive you in dangerous situations . iam little Santas Helper and trying to get everything from Impossible situations . in theese times iam More Quake Champions Lover and trying to help with Fear the wolves ... cuz i like that idea about radiation and PVE content in BR model.

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Invisible Wall or Rock

1_1544269991792_20181208123402_1.jpg 0_1544269991791_20181208123313_1.jpg

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I have found some bugs and this will be my Treat where i will add my Founded bugs

This one is near to "RLS" DUGA on the North


Second one what i found is again on North near to Security checkpoint


3th what i found is on East side near to Cherevach


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