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I just played competitive and I feel like it just doesn't feel right. While the base game can definetly work in a competitive setting, I feel like adjustments have to be made from what it currently offers
The biggest issues lie in the gamemode and maps. To me it feels like the maps are too ''complicated'' for 5v5 gameplay and the gamemode (I had Firefight) only makes it worse, by having 3 objectives for five players.

Like the title says, I feel like CS:GO can teach game developers one very important lesson in this regard: simplicity.

To summarise

Create a gamemode with either just two capturepoints that are defended by one team and attacked by the other, or have bombs like in CS:GO. Now I understand that you don't just want to 'copy' CS:GO, but if you want a truly entertaining competitive experience, I feel like there might be no other choice. Again, simplicity is key, having three objectives like in 'firefight' with only 5 players is confusing and somewhat boring, in my opinion anyway.

Create maps that aren't too complicated. No tiny corners or holes to 'hide' in, but keep it fairly simple. Have a few routes to each objective and allow for tactical play. Allow players to push the other team into a certain position and close them in. Force people to work together! Of course, enterable houses can still be a part of this, but having too many of them will only make for a game of hide and seek, instead of entertaining gunplay.

Idk how other people feel about competitive, but the way it is now I do not find myself playing it a lot. All of this is of course my own opinion, so I am curious to see what others think.

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I do really feel like there is a lack of things to do. I truly hope this will not strangle the game to death once it is actually released. Granted, there will be more maps, but still.

More firearms, a few more attachments, more gamemodes and most importantly more maps are required. Additionally, getting humvees for instance to be the vehicle for security would be nice.

The overal mechanics of the game are pretty solid, so I feel pretty safe when saying this game will ''succeed'', depending on how you define the term.

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I kinda agree with the topic creator about the map design. For me personally it is currently one of the main reasons I can't fully enjoy the game.

I am personally also not a huge fan of the gamemodes. The ''domination / conquest'' kind of gamemode becomes too chaotic too easily. I also feel like the map size and playercount do not add up.

The good news is that maps can easily be adjusted and there's always good hope that new maps will be better.

That aside, a bit off-topic too, but I also hope for more vehicles (humvees to counter pick up) and perhaps some more weapons, like the M60 machine gun or perhaps a Mk12 SPR.

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I think most people just want more options and then specifically weapons that they know from other games, perhaps movies, perhaps their favourite youtubers, you get the point.

On the Ghost Recon: Wildlands forum (different game, I get that, but still) these weapons were the top picks from the polls that I put up there:
Mk12 Mod1 (DMR), Fn Scar Mk20 SSR (DMR), H&K UMP (SMG), M60E6 (LMG), Mk16 Scar-L 5.56 CQB

So basicly another DMR, the UMP would do well, the M60 (any variant) and perhaps more M4 variants or an Mk16 Scar-L CQB.

As you can imagine these are all ''security'' weapons, which at the same time appear to be more populair (generally speaking).

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@tooth-decay said in [Questions] About character customization:

Surprised people want customizable vests. Back in my day (closed technical alpha) there was a bug that allowed security to wear a grey shirt. It was a total tk fest until they fixed it. Personally I’m glad New World left the vests alone so that they would be a clear indication of teams. Really don’t want this to turn into RS2.

Define customizable vest

I would just prefer a few more options, like a plate carrier vest (light) or perhaps something like the ciras tac-vest (heavy).

You can always still keep the factions different by making sure they have different head pieces, different colours and perhaps gameplay wise by making the names on friendly players a tiny bit brighter

We'll see what the devs decide tho

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@eyeofhorus said in [Questions] About character customization:

Backwards caps are already in for Security (it’s called “Too Cool”). Don’t know that vests and armor will be customizable, but it’s a possibility. In general, customization will be expanded upon, as expressed in the latest development update.

I’m pretty sure that they also said they are working on character textures in the update. They’ve been working on facial hair for a while, it’s already a little better than it used to be.

They haven’t specifically said that you’ll be able to rotate you character, but I think that it would be a natural quality of life feature for them to add at some point.

Hope this answers most of your questions, feel free to ask any more you have.

Cheers for the answer, sounds promising!

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Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and I must admit that I do not know whether there is even a point in putting forward suggestions or not, but one who does not shoot, can never hit.

Anyway, I just purchased this game and it looks very promising to me. I enjoy the gunplay, I like the weapons you can choose from and to me it seems this game is generally heading into the right direction.

However, I do have to admit that the customization, as it is right now (I am fully aware release is still two months out) is kinda... lacking. Characters themselves do not look very good in this game, they tend to feel skinny and the facial textures aren't exactly... good, either.

My questions are fairly straight forward:

  1. Will character customization be expanded upon?
    *Will there be more vests to choose from in the future, so that you can perhaps choose what light armor and what heavy armor you'd want?
    *Will they add a backwards cap? I always feel an urge to go full Dusty (MoH fanboys will know)
  2. Will characters overall get an upgrade in terms of textures, etc?
    *Will they upgrade facial hair to be better looking?
  3. Will you be able to rotate your character while customizing it so you can get a proper view of what you're changing?

I hope these answers will be answered shortly, hopefully these questions have not been asked a million times before... again, I am new 🙂

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