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Nobody says that this behavior in the game is correct. Its the idea to stop indefinitely complaining and have patience.

@banani2804 , you wrote on 23 july, my reply was on 25 july, what week are you talking about. (That's rhetorical, don't answer this)

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Dude, almost every day i enter the forum to look what are people discussing, and almost every f@cking time i see a thread by you or you "pall" Marksman in which you whine that everything is bad, that developers do nothing, that you deserve more than you have, and other bullsh@t in the spirit "omg i can't take it anymore".
Well here`s what. SHUT THE FUCK UP if you can't say something smart and helpful. This forum isn't dedicated to the satisfaction of your ambitions. It was told dozens of time, people are working, progress is being made. No matter the problems this game has, i and many other players are enjoying it and threads like this will not make miracles. Your baby cry wont double the developers number or make them work 24/24 to add what you want.
So please, grow up and return here when you realize what output your brain is giving to this world.


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Poor-poor banani, couldn`t take it anymore and deleted the game... "again".
This is truly a tragedy.

It`s like :
1)Banani joining and ending match
3)Global warming
5)Wold hunger

Do you mail the local administration of the region where you live when you approach a semaphore and it turns red just when you decide to pass or you just move to other town ? god...your life must be sad af.

I mean...dude...i agree, this is disappointing, frustrating but, come on, be a man.

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You people are like kids asking the mother to buy "this and that" without realizing what it costs . Try to understand that the development process if very complex and difficult, there is a 35 people team not all of which are actual developers(aka programmers), which is very small and there is hundreds of you complaining every day and night. When the "code-writers" are delegated for a task they can`t spread attention to all of your complains and some problems require days of work.
Just like you, i suffer from those instants head-shots from a shotgun within 150 meters, yes, it is frustrating but, goddammit, have some patience and respect for these guys, stop whining indefinitely - this is just pathetic and immature.

The saddest part is that this message could be applied to 90% on the threads of this forum.

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There isn't necessary for an obstacle to be in front of the gun. When pointing the gun on a target via 7x scope from a far distance, the dot is bigger then the target's head. From that moment one might think that it will hit the head but the bullet passes near because the laser dot is bigger then the hit box and actually the gun is not accurately pointed at the target but slightly near.
I'd suggest to make the laser-dot barely visible at far distances.