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I guess its steamworks P2P :


  • check your modem ... some have firewalls too
  • configure a different DNS (google usually works fine for everything) ... a lot of times when i have problems with some services not working it is because my firewall decided to use a shitty DNS-server...
  • maybe your firewall has some deep-inspection / virus-scanning going on.
  • try clearing ARP cache in windows.
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😉 More Tactical Options

Comparing Cruiser Clash and Domination (Capture Points) this is not true.

Case-1: WC: Eliminate enemy fleet
Case-2: WC-1 Eliminate enemy fleet OR WC-2 earn enough points faster than enemy

In the first case your fleet needs to be able to eliminate the enemy.
In the second case your fleet needs to be able to eliminate the enemy AND contest the points so he doesnt out-cap you.

This REMOVES possible choices/combinations because they may only do one thing but not both (like a pure kiting fleet that can't contest points)

😉 Game balance

Actually this hurts game balance because now you dont only have to balance races/ships/abilities around having a equal chance of killing each other but also contesting points.

Again the kiting fleet example. If you Balance around the fact that a Kiting fleet should be viable they must be able to kill fast enough so the capture points dont matter at all anymore OR they will never be viable because the "tanky"-fleet simply AFK's at points.

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Wall Of Text critically hits you.
You died.

Besides that - i partially agree with you and disagree at the same time.

Yeah the choices you can make do seem underwelming.
On the other side i have the impression that the entire first sector of each campain is just really trivial tutorial content. Maybe even some stuff in the next sector.

So yeah - the choices have to be "underwelming" - less impactful - because the designers want to protect you from completely fucking up.

On the other side that means the exciting stuff comes (hopefully) later.

Imagine what kind of impression you would have from Total War: Warhammer if only playing 10-15 rounds without the higer tech - maybe conquering only the first province.

Personally i am going to try it out and see for my self if its fun or not.
For those who dont want to risk it i am pretty sure there will be a few content creators on youtube and twich to watch first and buy after 🙂

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Regarding the campain-map (sector/system view) - It would be really nice to have some kind of overview what the level of POI's currently is, which can be upgraded now and which require more resources to do so.

Possibly in the System-Dropdown showing the Names and Icons of POI's.

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@mystic_taboo said in Campaign First Play: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly:

I'm not sure what you talking about regarding mandatory mission completions, you can skip the fall of cadia blackstone fortress intro,just by scrolling straight to the imperial campaign.

When you try to start the Campain (mouse over button) it says you have to have the previous one completed.

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I dont like the Capture-Points either.
Feels like swarm-style fast fleets are at a natural advantage at all times.

Send 2-3 big ships to the CP closest to where the enemy probably is and the rest to two other points as fast as you can.
If they attack you head on the smaller ships are fast enough to catch up.
If they go for your small ships surround them.

The distribution of the CP's on the map - especially with the platforms in SP - can be a huge problem. Basically you want to have a huge fleet-advantage on the enemy to be sure even if the AI has 3 points at the start of the match that you are able to crush the opposing fleet fast enough including platfroms.
Otherwise there is a escort left over somewhere and you loose although all your ships are still up.

If you field 2 Space Marine Battle Barges it feels like automatically loosing because you can only defend two points and will never be fast enough to catch the enemy running circles around you.
Unless they are Orcs ofcourse - because Orcs 🙂

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Happened to me too right now... looks like it just "despawns" outside the border.

If i remember correctly in BFG:A1 the ships would "bounce" outside the border and move back in.