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Not to sure why you put such a high emphasis on 'the top players' but ok...

What suprises me is that even with them seeing these numbers and knowing the balance is completly screwed they arent really focusing on fixing the issue. Rather they are applying a band aid by increasing point costs and releasing the game anyway...

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@healthhazard said in Voice Acting Pronunciation of Names:

Horus is glad he's dead so he doesn't need to listen to them 🤣

I guess it's only a minor thing but to me that consistency is so important to letting me lose myself in the game. Ah well, probably why the Emperor decided to stick with just that for a name, hard to get it wrong!


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The whole 'roose' thing during the tutorial ticked me off abit. But then the guy got himself killed so that heretic who cant even say his primarch's name right is no longer an issue! 😛

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I feel you. Im currently abit skeptical as well. The game has such huge balance issues currently and its basicly the same issue (with different factions) that broke the first game for me...

Im sticking with the game abit longer. See how the release patch makes the game but im afraid it wont fix enough 😞

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Heck, 4vs4 would be pretty epic as well 🙂 I play 2vs2 pretty exclusivly this beta because the game can annoy me quite rapidly at the moment and having someone to chat with helps a great deal to keep things light and fun.

Lower point costs would severly limit what each faction can bring though, and some factions could bring BB's while others couldnt... That said I like the idea. Battles would most likely involve more light cruisers and cruisers and less of the bigger ships which would also be alot of fun 😊

Right now I see alot of battles with either all battleships, mostly grand cruisers (or equal ships) or players going all lightcruisers+escorts. I dont see many fleets of balanced load outs around at all sadly 😔

If their engine can handle it im a big supporter if this idea!

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@jamodon said in Capture Points need to go, or at least give us an Annihilation alternative.:

@demoulius said in Capture Points need to go, or at least give us an Annihilation alternative.:

All of the fleets have their own pro's and con's and alot of the scenario's in the base game (except cruiser clash) would allow them a chance to shine in some form or another.

Please no, I don't want 95% Corsair winrate vs Orks on Data Recovery and 95% Orks vs Corsairs winrate on Space Station Defense like in the first game. Balance the factions so that any faction can beat any other faction in any match (even if that means using only one mode).

And the capture point system makes for much better games than Cruiser Clash, where everyone just balled up and the heavier ball chased the lighter one around the map. I WOULD like to see escort capping specifically made less effective somehow, even if that's just a minor nerf by making cap speed depend on total tonnage on the point instead of number of ships. Or allow them to cap but not decap, so "backcapping" with an escort no longer works.

Thing is, if they stay true to the lore you will get exactly what I said. Eldar fleets arent made for shot at. They are relativly fragile. So if you are going up against Orks and expect to come out on top in a brawl you will be seriously dissapointed in the result.

Thats not to say that they cant win. But not every fleet performs in the same manner and in a way, they arent made to be balanced. Their fleets are made to their own strengths and have their own weaknesses. Dealing with that and coming out on top is where the true fun lies.

They should be balanced in another way though, each faction should have their own thing that they are good at, and that balance is sorely lacking at the moment....

Having more scenario's to play will add alot of longevity to the game thats its currently missing but tossing anything other then cruiser clash out of the window because people dont want to use tactics is abit silly....

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Giving assault boats the same damage as a lightning strike seems about right. I think you can currently do normal boarding damage (or maybe even more, not sure) at extreme ranges which is ludicrous.

Earlier had a game (not against nids mind you...but still) in where I lost grand cruisers instantly. I dont recall the enemy, either SM's or DE. Or maybe a combination of the 2, as I play 2vs2.

But even space marines are not THAT powerfull. If one of their ships gets to board and disgorges an entire company onboard the enemy ship, sure. Single boarding action or assault boat? Hell no.

Assault boats as a whole need to be toned down ALOT and just increasing their points cost alone isent going to cut it.

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@beernchips said in Lances nerfed?:

Lances are not mean to outclass macros at 9 range or less. Their main value is in the 100% hit chance.
And for those asking: IN lances are and always were bad compared to Chaos.
The funny thing is that with the perk that reduce the accuracy loss with range, Chaos macro also outshines their own lances at higher range

Lances outclassed batteries in all ranged except for very short ranges. Is 9000 range the new 'short range'? 😕

Lances werent bad compared to the chaos variant either. Unless chaos having more range instantly makes them sucky...... Range is really the only advantage they had. IN could just close in and even the scales with their batteries.

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So uhm...

I hate to tell you I told you so.... But I told you so 😂

In a more serious manner, what do you guys think they can do to fix this? I saw in the patch notes that we have so far that they will probably try and fix it by increasing points.

In my opinion this is a mistake. It will just make nid fleets tinier and their boarding will stay as broken OP as it is now. Their fleets will just be tinier.

Suggestion I have: Make boarding bays smaller acrros all fleets. Not just nids. The Emperor battleship (for reference) has 4 bays in this game. It has 8 in the TT and is one of the biggest carriers in the game. Make all carriers have 4 bays like that and have some niche carriers with smaller sizes aside from it.

Maybe something like: LC, 1 bay; Cruiser, 2 bays; Grand and battlecruisers 3 bays and battleships 4 bays.

You can still differentiate indiviual factions by giving ordnance (fighters, bombers, assault boats) have things like evasion, speed or durability.

Thats just a fix for the launch bays though. Nid fleets as a whole need a big overhaul as it stands as their normal firepower is.... Lacking. I have no clue what to do there. What do you guys think?

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I was under the impression that armour was a flat out percentile decrease to damage? Not sure where I saw it, I think the tooltip itself?

Either way the previous game it was a percentile chance to negate damage entirely. Maybe its that again if its not a flat damage decrease?

Lance weapons shouldnt in particular do more crit damage though. Things like boarding actions and bombardment cannons are known for that. Instead they are a very reliable way of doing alot of damage.

While macro weapons should be able to outdamage them, it should only be in very specific circumstances. When all their weapons hit and armour isent a factor (or as little as possible) in all other cases it should be abit unlikely that lances are outperformed, especially at long range.

The way it is now, is completly reversed 😑