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Well back in the previous game I hardly saw anyone pull out their ships either and only started doing so when they were already down to like 10%, at which point it is indeed way to late to pull them out of combat.

If you want to conserve your ships you have to do it alot earlier. Your opponent can also prevent your ships from porting out with well timed lightning strikes so if you dont take that into consideration and keep some leeway for yourself you will see alot of them ending up in massive fireballs...

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Lances are overall pretty underwhelming. In the previous game they were only scary in Chaos fleets or when you were a space marine and people took lance heavy ships to tear you a new one. You cant decide on your ships depending on your opponent now and theyre really underwhelming in damage 😑

Personally I agree with the whole 'make them ignore all armor' change. Either that or just increase their damage. But I feel both could potentially be overkill...

Still a slower rate of fire with heavy hitting attacks is how they are in the lore. They are ship killers and imho should feel like they are just that 🙂

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Arbites were more of a 'DM tool' then a proper gang if you ask me.

While you COULD make a Arbites gang it was so vastly different from the normal ones it was its own little thing. They also dident grow in the normal traditional sense and could actually be quite weak later on due to their limited numbers. Unless the full 10 man were warranted in which case, shit was about to go down 😃

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The mailing list sounds good 🙂

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Phase out: the only part I dont agree with. Normal ships dont jump out in a mid battle either unless the need is very high. Disengage what we got on the tabletop was basicly the ship stealthing up by making their sensor signature as little as possible and sneaking away. While the short distance jump is a canon thing the windup wouldnt be known to enemies either. So its more a game mechanic thing...

But my opinion on it: keep it for balance. Just straight up dissapearing would completly take away the risk factor for Necrons. A ship that escapes is worth alot less points then a destroyed one. And on tabletop when they do phase out, the entire fleet does.

So keep it, even if its not entirely true to canon. The other points I fully agree with.

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I hope you are kidding? We already have double battleship, triple grand cruiser fleets and so on. The only thing stopping those at the moment is that they dont have enough points to properly support their cheese.

They can bring the extra firepower currently but will lose out on mobility and so on. Upping the points breaks the game even more. Balanced fleets already suffer enough at the moment, dont see any reason to make it even worse....

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Thats not a bad idea 🤔

Also maybe let them replenish their own troops with feeder tendrils? The reason why is kinda in the name 😇

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@CANNED_F3TUS The only way to get true balance is if each player plays the same faction. Which is just straight up boring 🤣

The upgrades could be easily fixed by adding a point cost to them. Is the same upgrade OP for a certain faction? Increase its point cost. A ship will only get marginal benefit from an ability? Lower the cost.

Take a Dictator and a Dominator for example. Both have macro batteries. Albeit the Dominator has twice as many of them. Giving the AP upgrade to the Dominator has twice the impact that it does compared to the same upgrade on the Dictator. So make it more expensive on the Dominator then on the Dictator.

Not that hard of a solution if you ask me. Also it would giver higher level admirals a choice between having fewer upgraded ships or having more unupgraded ships. Lvl 10 ships costing the same as a lvl 1 ship, and a niche game with a horrible new player experience is imho the reason why the previous game just died after a while. Well that and certain factions just beeing ALOT stronger then they should be 😑

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I get what you are saying on launch bays standing on their own feet. And I agree with that. But the reason why I feel that the rest of the fleet needs some work is because the rest of their fleet.... Just isent that super scary. Its down to their jaws not working for starters. Their lances pierce through shields meaning the batteries alone dont do anything to that. All of the things in the nid arsenal just kinda do their own thing without cooperating. Which is what im worried about. Anyway, this post was about the launch bays.

Lowering the number of crew damage while increasing the number of assault boats could work. Heck give them abit higher speed as well. They have so many counters at the moment it would still be alright. Id love for them to test this out so we can see the impacted change this would have. I think we all want assault boats to be a viable potent weapon. That can be countered, but is dangerous if it sent.


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Hi there,

I cant play the game tonight and a good portion of tomorrow so I figured I give the feedback that I have on the game so far. Its a long list tho!:

General things:
-Love, LOVE that you can order your fighters to go to a certain spot in space and send your bombers and assault boats after blips. Love it! Just as it should be.
-There are some weird inconsistancies in the gameplay. Overall feel switches from high energy 'need MLG no scope reaction time to respond in time' to waiting behind your pc to happen with nothing really happening. Ships firing at eachother feel like they arent doing damage, somehow. While at other times you can lose a ship at the blink of an eye. Im not sure if its just my mind playing tricks with me but it feels off.
-Ability spam is still here. And its still as annoying as it was in the previous game.
-Ramming also still pretty prevelent. Not spammed as much in the previous game but still quite abit more then I expected.
-Ship spamming is even more horribly broken then it was in the previous game. 4 Battleships in 2vs2. Are you kidding me?
-Point inconsitancies. Ties in with the previous point. Somehow 2 battleships are equal pricing as 3 cruisers and an escort. Or 1 Grand cruiser, normal cruiser, light cruiser and 4 escorts. Or 3 Grand cruisers. You get the gist of it. Some ships feel horribly overpriced while others are downright OP for the price that they cost. Need some serious overhauling across the board.
-Abilites on charges. Is this a joke? Remove this please, or seriously increase the number of charges. 3 volleys of torpedoes, or bombers is a joke. Even if bombers can return if they survive (which 99.9% of the time they dont given how easy it is to shoot them down) fighters do feel just right though in how they react. Would be cool if you could control them once launched by dont think thats priority to include at the moment 😃
-Only 1 game mode kinda sucks. And I see alot of flakk for it on the forums 😞
-No leveling in Skirmish also sucks. Playing vs AI, either for practice or because you dont like PVP should not be discouraged!
-Constant crashes. Oh god the crashes! Happens when you launch a game. In the middle of a game. When youre in the port making a new fleet. You get the picture 😅
-Tutorial could use some work. Some mechanics are poorly explained, or not at all. New player experience needs some work.

-Some tooltips are missing, or confusing. Il explain below.
-For nids their list of stats are so long you cant check their boarding values whilst in the port. Maybe add an ability to scroll through them or merge some to make the list shorter?
-Launch bays dont give information on what their cargo does.
-Unclear (well at least to me) on what turrets do damagewise. I know they shoot at ordnance, thats not that what I mean though. Im talking numbers. How many do they shoot down in how many seconds? Whats their range? The game doesent explain massing turrets (putting ships close to each other so they can support eachother) The brace order increases hit percentage by 100% of the normal value. So whats their normal hit %? Etc. etc etc.
-Please make it so that you can tie your subfaction, abilities and upgrades to certain fleets. Im sick and tired of having to reselect them after each and every match.
-Why kick your teammate for 2vs2 after each match?

On ordnance
-Speed on all ordnance (torps, bombers, fighters and assault boats) feels off. I feel they are far to slow. Tooltips also missing for launch bays. For reference though, fighters should be 3 times as fast as an IN cruiser with bombers beeing 2 times as fast. Assault craft differ abit, some factions have fast ones and others slower ones. The combined ones (fighta bomba and Thunderhawk for example) tend to be on the slower side.
-Result of slow ordnance is that turrets chew them up like they arent even there. The brace for impact order trivializes ordnance even more.
-Even torps fired just out of the red zone get almost instantly chewed up by turrets. Probably on brace order (forget to check at the time) which kinda makes them completly pointless. And their damage feels unimpactfull when they do hit. Could just be my personal experience though, ive seen others say that the damage is quite good.
-Nid assault boats do some insane crew damage. While theyre easily countered I feel what would happen if a change was made to how assault boats are shot down. Id tone it down abit, increase speed on them though, atm they can hardly catch anything.

Other 'consumables'
-Nova Cannon. I personally think its fine at the moment. But ive seen people struggle abit with them or complain about them. I do think its abit weird that it doesent hit a random spot AND a 10 second delay to fire is HUGE. Personally though id give all nova cannons randomized spots to land with 5 seconds before it lands. Also more shots, 3 is far to little considering the premium that you pay for the weapon.
-Necron AOE thingy. Cant check the name at the moment... Its bloody insane. Mind, you can avoid it if you know (or suspect) the cheese is coming but the AOE together with the damage is just insane. The cooldown does feel long, but considering you can easily disengage and come back when its off cooldown again its kind of a moot point. Also necrons shouldnt teleport with AAF but gain speed that leaves even Eldar in the dust. Leave the teleports to admiral abilities.
-Some of the admiral abilities have the ability to completly sway a battle while others are only slightly usefull. I personally dont leave home without the teleport after that ive unlocked it which to me says alot. Its an autopick for me because the impact it has on a battle is to put it simply insane. While at the same time I can fire a probe that might reveal enemies but is so incredibly slow that only a static enemy or one that isent paying attention (or doesent care) will be revealed by it.... Or I can make my flagship invunerable to weapons fire for 10 seconds. (if the attack doesent pierce shields) the impact between abilities is to great!
-Same goes for the upgrades. Specially because some are for your entire fleet and others only for 1 (or a few) ships the impact some have compared to others is just way to impactfull. I personally dont feel that the upgrades for just the flagship are worth it if the flagship is smaller then a battleship, and even im not sure if they outweight a 'all line ships' upgrade... Could use some rebalancing to make more options viable compared to upgrades that benefit the whole fleet.
-Subfactions have no impact on skills, upgrades or appearance (for most factions) and are just a reskin. Abit dissapointed by this to be honest.

I get that randomly generated maps are a thing. But could it be possible to programme it that SOME terrain is guarranteed? Ive fought alot of times on a map without any terrain at all, or just 1 tiny gas cloud. Would be fun if you are at least guarranteed some terrain.
-More on terrain, one idea I have that kinda ties to the tabletop.... There you take turns to place terrain. Would allow people to place terrain on the map to try and enforce their tactics (which can obviously also work against them) . This adds another layer of tactics to the game and allows people to actually use some of the upgrades like the 'asteroids dont damage you' one without beeing at the mercy of RNG.
-Objectives. We only get this one 1 mode. But would it be possible that these points actually have some sort of feature nearby? So that you are fighting over a space station, some asteroid belts, a big field of gas clouds. You get the gist of it. Alot of times it feels like we are fighting over nothing...
-Dont think ive seen any of the 'weather effects' like solar storms in play yet. Is this intentional?

Phew. Thats most of it. I have some faction specific feedback that il post tomorrow 🙂

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