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A friend of mine is also playing Chaos and we also had our fair share of trouble against Tau, but once we started to make them move with bombs and going close they where pretty doable. Not sure what Chaos ships are good but you could just try to play aggressive against them, force them to move arround with bombs so you can get close or behind them and wreak havoc.

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"Thirdly, while i do like that i dont have to activate the pulsars manually all the time, i much preferred the control i had with them in game 1, i am sick to death of turning my voidstalker battleship around with my target focus number 1 on an enemy flagship only to have the pulsars all fire at a half dead escort jsut because it was the first thing that came into the firing arc."

So much this, I am so sick and tired of my pulsars hitting a "random" ship tanking all the shots while the one I targetet doesnt get hit at all. At the very least I would love a way to turn off autofire, this way it would only attack the target you clicked on.

I got so tired of this pular autofiring that I stopped playing pulsars all together, which is an absolute shame since I loved my Firestorm fleet and would really love to play it again...

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