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Silverstone Fortress FT01B-W
Asus ROG Hero VI
Intel i7 4790k 4gHz / Corsair H70
Asus ROG Strix OC 11GB 1080Ti
Corsair Vengence 3200mhz 2x8GB ddr3
Corsair 850HX
Samsung Pro 840 500GB ssd
Spinpoint 1TBx2
Creative Soundblaster ZX series soundcard / Astro A40

About me

27 year old mental as fuck English dude, I have a thing for graphics work; I'm a texture artist & skinner/modder with 14 years of Photoshop experience (1 professional year of exp)
I'm an ex HC TF2 player (Soldier, Sniper, Pyro), Halo 2 vet, Battlefield 2 vet, Insurgency MC vet, now I dick about on Rocket League, Insurgency Sandstorm, Monster Hunter World, and Fallout 4.

I'm a amateur 1991 - 1995 Peugeot 205 Mk2 Si 1.6, 1.6 & 1.9 GTi, and Mi16 enthusiast/mechanic/modder/restorer - Check out Charlotte; my baby at https://puu.sh/BujeM/09e563c1d7.JPG & https://puu.sh/Bujfe/35877335e4.JPG

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The devs are out of touch with the community.

it seems like the devs wanted to ruin the game by allowing the toxic players to run free with no kick system and a shitty teamkill punish system that doesnt punish the teamkillers yet it punishes you for trying to get revenge.
the matchmaking is aids, yes please put me in a game that is 99% finished, please put me back into the same fucking game i just left 4 TIMES IN A ROW!

insurgency is a far better game than sandstorm imo, atleast i can votekick the griefers and the racists who use ear rape via microphone/speaker spam that is disgusting and incredibly offensive.

not to mention the fact that the general majority of sandstorm players ive played with are clueless idiots who would rather sit in spawn masturbating or they teamkill you cus you picked a class they wanted or because they're pieces of shit, or they sit a mile away from the objective and look into a empty room/corridoor thinking they are being useful, or you try to use your mic to guide/advise players or you try and talk to get a sense of teamwork and you get called a "fucking faggot who needs to go kill themself"

heaven forbid you find a custom server you like and want to customise your characters for, nope you gotta play the shitty matchmaking aids to get levels.

It's like the devs want the game to be dead within a few weeks with the toxicity they are actively promoting, i've uninstalled the game because it's just gone down hill since the start of december, less and less decent players and more toxic assholes plus no new content like old maps revisited.

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why is there no flashlight? because some pepegas whined about being blinded?

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you can only see stats when dead. if you don't like the scoreboard then unbind the key and be happy, that or stop holding tab whenever you're not in contact and focus on playing.

you just sound angry that people can see how badly you're performing and tell you to git gud or get out. the general population all play for themselves, when i play pub games i play as a lone wolf completing as many objectives as i can and if there is an observer ill use support to help everyone out, only when i play on my friends server do i throw out the lone wolf tactics and adapt to moving in formation and like a unit as i'm with others doing the exact same due to the increased difficulty of the server.

when i find out im the last one alive i always check the scoreboard to make sure so i know i can go full auto while defending.

having one person die does not influence the general populations way of playing the game at all, only hyper-milsim teams will adjust to things like that and those servers are generally password protected or reserved slots for clan members.

as i said, since you hate the scoreboard so much then stop using it and move on lol

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They wanted to avoid the armour piercing rounds meta, the closed technical had issues of bullets not registering or just dealing no damage which made the gameplay rather poor, they sped up the ttk to make it more like insurgency which is great, you want the game to be more cod like were one full 30 round magazine is required to kill three maybe four people which takes away from the feeling of insurgency, insurgency isn't some hyper simulation game, it still retains an arcade feeling to it which is enjoyable and a fast ttk is what has always made insurgency rather special, that combined with amazing animations and incredible sound effects and accurate weapons which dispense bullets where the barrel is pointing, all this is what makes insurgency unique.

The armour and damage models could do with a bit of tlc at some point so heavy armour can take a bit of punishment from smaller caliber rounds and to make helmets actually useful but as it is at the moment it still feels like insurgency which is great and it's still a very enjoyable game.

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So you kept all our keybinds but the mouse sensitivity you just up n thrown out the window and changed it to be even more complicated than it was before, now neither my insurgency numbers, or orignal sandstorm numbers work and i must rely on a third party website to decypher your mess of a system so i can have a mouse sensitivity that feels right as trying to fine tune it with the mess you've put in the settings is as futile as resisting the borg.

You've implemented a stupid anti tk system which actually promotes forcibly tking people and those who tk you aren't punished if they do "insignificant" damage yet still cause your death, i.e makarov bullet or half a toz flachette.

Perfomance is still trash, there is no flashlight still, and you've not added a back button to the appearance menu while you're in queue.

Can i get a refund via steam still? I pre-ordered expecting good things, was patient in the closed and open beta, but the game is just getting worse.

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This isn't ARK.
I hate this retarded "meme culture" nonsense.

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op you have a serious cpu bottleneck, you're using a trash cpu with a moderate mid tier gpu.

get a better processor like a intel i7 4790k, stay away from amd/ati, they're really bad especially if you use them with their competitors hardware by nvidia or intel.

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So there i was happily playing with another two guys on refinery then this chinese/japanese/korean group of 3 joined (300 ping and moon runes in their names) and they kept shooting us so we would be on low hp then get instadinked by enemy ai, one of them decided to execute me and he giggled over voip, then when i respawned i avoided him as i went to bravo and he came and executed me again, so i thought yano what fuck this im out and i said bye to the guys i was having fun with before these fucktards came.

Then i tried joining a new server and the matchmaking system kept putting me back on that server with them fucktards and after 5 minutes of trying to join a new server i kept getting put back with them so I just hit alt-f4 out of frustration.

Please put in a thing to the matchmaking that doesnt rejoin the same god damn server if you just left it. Even playing solo with bots would be more preferable to being put back on the same problematic server
Even Rocket League has this same issue where you'll leave a game and the dumb system puts you back in that game no matter how many times you try and get a new server.

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Being sniped by grenades is annoying, and having to put half a mag into a single window on the technical to break it and be able to kill the occupant is god awful, the technical has a gun in the bed - it doesn't have bullet proof windows nor armour plating so please reduce the hp for the windows, people can spam seat swapping to avoid being shot and there is no exit or enter animation so players and bots aren't vulnerable at all, the technical is incredibly overpowered already.

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The game is unplayable for me, it's jittery as hell and the fps spikes can cause the game to freeze and jump forward so I die without being able to do anything, i've tried low medium and high but none of the settings fix it.

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