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27 year old mental as fuck English dude, I have a thing for graphics work; I'm a texture artist & skinner/modder with 14 years of Photoshop experience (1 professional year of exp)
I'm an ex HC TF2 player (Soldier, Sniper, Pyro), Halo 2 vet, Battlefield 2 vet, Insurgency MC vet, now I dick about on Rocket League, Insurgency Sandstorm, Monster Hunter World, and Fallout 4.

I'm a amateur 1991 - 1995 Peugeot 205 Mk2 Si 1.6, 1.6 & 1.9 GTi, and Mi16 enthusiast/mechanic/modder/restorer - Check out Charlotte; my baby at https://puu.sh/BujeM/09e563c1d7.JPG & https://puu.sh/Bujfe/35877335e4.JPG

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So instead of being innovative and adding sights with new reticles, you've given us two more red dots, one which is worse in every way and one which is better for cqb scenarios, i havent even bothered with the new rifles since they too expensive and are just M4 clones which look ugly.

wow just wow, it's a shame updates are bringing subpar content which mods could of freely provided had you bothered with an SDK.

I know no one cares about personal opinions but im done with sandstorm, its stale as fuck, it's took you this long to add ministry which is a joke, and as there is still no sdk im done waiting for it. I'll go back to the superior game which is insurgency since it has a larger playerbase and player made content in the form of workshop mods.

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When i say the majority of us, i'm referring to the people who play the game. How dense can you be?

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I served 6 years in the british royal engineers, I've experienced a wide range of different firearms.

Vertical/angled grips do help with recoil control, you saying they don't shows you have no experience using them in the real world. Christ it's like you kids watch your modern warfare gameplay and think you're experts on the subjects, smh.

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If you want a more realistic and slower paced milsim experience play on a milsim community server.
People on public servers will play at their own pace and leasure, with the majority of us wanting to level as fast as possible which means completing as many games per hour successfully while eliminating as many hostiles and objectives as possible.

It's Insurgency, not Arma. Even in the mod and the standalone title Insurgency you had the disparity of the slow pokes vs the speedy gonzales hot shots like myself. The solution has always been the same, find a server with the people who are akin to playing how you want to play, don't try and whine and have a core aspect of the game fundamentally changed because you're a slow poke who wants to complete 1 map per every hour.

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Contrary to your uneducated beliefs recoil doesn't make muzzles climb like video games make you believe. explosive gasses don't work that way son.

Foregrips work as intended to aid in handling the barrel with ease and more dexterity. If you dont like them then dont use them. If you dont like being killed by people using them then play against bots or get better and learn to shoot.

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like rts style control or more like swat 4 where you issue orders and can swap to view a bodycam of said ai to issue them further indepth orders like breaching and banging a room?

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@Astronaut_Watney said in M150 ACOG optic not available to Security?:

This is absolutely true! The only reason I can think that they would choose to omit the ACOG from Security loadouts is to maybe allow Insurgents equal variety as they don't have the other fancy 3x/4x scopes? But still, it's a NATO scope that is a MUST HAVE for security. Who cares if Insurgents have one less optic than Security??
Devs, please hear us out :))

The competitive cry babies would cry about how unfair and unbalanced the game was based around one optic being unavailable.

My only thought as to why the acog was removed is because they didn't renew the licence due to cost and the game being a flop when it came to sales so they lost the right to use it, that or something else which makes a lot less sense.

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level 100 at 166 hours? those are rookie numbers son, you need to pump them up.

The credits aren't meant to be a gratification system, your reward is the feeling of being victorious and by farming as many heads as you can with your akm using ironsights.

If they adjusted credits earnt per level now they'd have to compensate every player, same for if they adjusted credit cost of items, they'd have to have a way to track every players purchases so they can fairly compensate every player, otherwise you'd have some controversial outrage and the game reviews would plummet beyond what they are at currently.

I've yet to hear of a level cap and I've seen multiple level 400's and 500's already, The idea behind the credits and cosmetics is that the ability to earn the credits to unlock a new cosmetic gives you reason to keep playing to earn them, it's the gratification reward system games use by hiding it behind a unlock mechanic.

Once you get the gear you want on average most players will stop playing, or their hours played with drastically reduce. (in theory)
But then with how things have gone it looks like the devs dont really give a toss since the game is broken and dead and they just throw more wood on the fire instead of fixing the cracked concrete foundation.

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It's funny that some days you see the community manager/liason officer posting to insignificant threads with zero traction saying they'll make the devs aware of an issue, yet threads like these with seriously issues just go completely under the fucking radar, and the devs wonder why their game is dead.....

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@MLB7 said in Extreme Vote-kick Harassment:

Devs sold out big time on this. Like this was the magic bullet to save their dying game. Ubisoft wannabes.

Are you high? This makes no sense, how did the devs sell out by implementing a vote kick feature which existed in their previous game and the mod? Please explain yourself as i'm sober right now and i can't fathom your reasoning.

Ubisoft are a terrible company that is well known and agreed on, but this is nothing alike what they've done. Sandstorm was dead before release because the publisher is shit at their job; marketing the game. Sandstorm still to this date is a unknown game and due to its many faults and flaws mainly relating to performance and no modding so a huge portion of the potential audience has gone to other titles.