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Sounds like height map overflow.
Can be very annoying when this happens to a nearly finished map at a location where you can't just cover it with some trees...
Is the location where you have this bug very heigh? Most times I've experienced this bug, it was at high areas on my map.

In the past I could avoid or even "cure" this bug by using the 4gb patched exe from MudrunnerMod- but I don't know if this works with the new versions of MRMod.
Second solution is, to lower/ flatten the terrain until the bug is gone.

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As far as I know, it is not possible to add an addon to an addon. There are a few trailers out there that have a trailer attached to them but those two trailers are one addon and can not be separated.

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Mods don't need their own templates folder, they use the default folder from the game.
If you want to change the tire friction, go to the Mod-folder /classes/wheels and open up the .xml for the tires you want to change.

These are the lines you need to change or add:

<WheelSoftness RadiusOffset="0.03" SoftForceScale="0.12" /> [ <WheelSoftness _template="Average" /> ]
<WheelFriction BodyFriction="3.0" SubstanceFriction="2.0" /> [ <WheelFriction _template="Offroad" /> ]
Mass="500" [ _template="Heavy" ]

The code in [ ] is what it looks like if the mod does use templates. Just replace it with the line next to it and change the value to whatever you want.

Your modded tire.xml should look like something like this:

<_templates Include="trucks" />
Mass="500" <!--change value-->
<WheelTracks _template="Offroad" />
<WheelSoftness RadiusOffset="0.03" SoftForceScale="0.12" /> <!--change value-->
<WheelFriction BodyFriction="3.0" SubstanceFriction="2.0" /> <!--change value-->

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No problems as far as I know. I have many new paths and the files that I have reworked and that override the get loaded.

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Yes, you can either copy all files of a mod in one of your custom media paths or you can just copy the .xml file of a mod from the workshop. But if the mod gets an update, it's possible that the .xml file you have copied will not work any longer as the mod files, the .xml refers to, will get new names.
I prefer to copy all files and delete the original file.

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@unster said in What could cause XML changes to not take effect?:

What do you put in your custom media folder, just the modified xml files or all the files for each truck where you changed something?

Only the files you want to change. You can copy truck.xml files from the workshop, too. No need to copy the mesh or texture files, the game will find them.

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@unster said in What could cause XML changes to not take effect?:

Thanks for the suggestion, though I think I'll stick with my method. I don't get errors when overwriting files in a zip (I'm on Windows 10). In your method, are you sure the custom Media file path should precede the file path to the zip? It would logically seem that the zip contents would overwrite the custom contents.

There was no error message or something but some .xml files did not work after I had put them in a .zip folder (Win10).
I'm very sure this method works 😉
Mudrunner does not override files that have been loaded before, so the path with the highest priority needs to be the first in line.
I can really recommend this method as you don't have to deal with .zip files anymore, you can easily de-/activate mods just by editing the config and you can arrange each mod in its own folder. I use 22 different custom media paths right now!
Super handy, you will not go back!

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I had some problems when I tried to change files in a .zip, it causes errors.
Try this:

  • create a folder named Media in the main directory of Mudrunner
  • open config.xml in the main directory
  • add this line : <MediaPath Path="Media" />
  • make sure to add it above the line <MediaPath Path="" />
  • create all subfolders you need for your Mods in the new folder Media (e.g. Media/classes/trucks)
  • use the folder Media instead of

You can now copy all modded files like the maz538.xml into this new Media folder and the game will load them instead of the original files as long as the have the same name. This way you don't have to change the original and after an update you just have to add the MediaPath to the config or use a backup of the config. Updates don't effect your custom Media folder.
You can set up as many new MediaPaths and folders as you need (Media2, Media3, Mod4, ... and so on)

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The balance points depend on the amount of balance points from the starting trucks plus one and at least it's five. So, if you can select three C-class trucks with three balance points each, your map has 3*3+1=10 balance points. If you want the player to be able to select four trucks, you have to place one active and unlocked truck on the map and three non active and unlocked trucks next to it. If you want the map to have 20+1 balance points, place four E-class trucks on the map with five points each.
Locked trucks that can be found somewhere on your map do not count, they can not be selected and do not count to the balance points.
Garagepoints can not be changed, it's four in singleplayer and eight in multiplayer.
Garages are always closed, if you want to have one garage to be open, you have to place the active and unlocked starting truck next to the garage.

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It's out of the question, the D-538 needs more power. I'm not a fan of overpowered vehicles that don't fit the game and destroy the balance but in this case the 538 is just to weak. To weak for the D-class and to weak to fit the real Maz 538 which used to be a wheeled bulldozer.

I hope they will fix that, the D-538 has a nice model and some useful addons but the weak power ruins the fun.
Same for the K-700 but instead of the weak engine it's the poor traction that ruins this nice tractor.
Both could have been fixed within minutes...

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