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Was the patch meant to fix the issue in a save file where you've already encountered the bug or do you have to restart the game because the patch only prevents the bug happening in the future?

Reason I'm asking is because I've got the latest patch I believe (Xbox One Version which said it was updated on 27/09) and the save game which had the problem still isn't fixed. If I knock on the door, I'm told, can't enter, nobodies home.

There's no red circle on the ground anymore to start the cutscene as I've already seen it but had the issue of Nurse Crane being missing and the game was saved after this point. Now Darius is just standing facing the door where you overheard/saw him talking to nurse crane. Also the game is still informing me to Investigate Darius Petrescu's actions.

So is this save file corrupt and I need to restart the game or was the patch meant to fix the issue and let me continue on from here?

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I've also got this bug (Xbox One). I did create the fatigue potion before talking to Nurse Dorothy and also gave it to Mortimer Goswick before I was instructed to as well as a couple others who where suffering from fatigue. I also knocked on the door for Darius Petrescu a couple of times before going around to the blood pool on the side of the building to listen to the conversation. I could hear her talking but she was invisible. Just like others here 'Investigate Darius Petrescu's actions' didn't complete and I'm stuck on this objective.