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Coop campaing was unplayable before patch, so we wait for patch. And after patch it still unplayable (for different reason). Now guest player crush to desktop in random time during battle (even i dont use grav cannon - grav cannon crush guest player immediately). We have save on large battle (3х650 imperials vs 3000+ necrons), try to play it 5 times and no success (5 crushes at row). So we force to wait next patch because cant pass that battle.

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[Beta patch issue]

After EVERY battle (without exceptions) guest player disconnect from campaing right after he saw victory screen.
If he connect to host right after that - victory screen appears again (against unknown enemy) and u get experience. If he do that again - victory screen appears again. Using that method players can develop, for example, last level and access to battleships right after first battle in campaing.

If battle happen during enemy turn and after battle - enemy do some movement - after guest player connect enemy do their movement again.... and again... and again. Looks like every time when guest player connect - processing new enemy turn started (but number of turn displayed in UI not change)

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@existor said in Bug Battleplans:

In the same sector at least one system must be controlled by enemy faction, then listening post will work.

if so, it must be added to the description of the listening post

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Same. In 70-80% battle scene loading not end to guest player while host player already in deployment phase regardless of how long you to wait. And if host player press "ready" in deployment phase - guest player instantly disconnect.